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Project Polysports ($POLY)

Sports have existed longer than we can imagine and have piqued the interest of billions of people (athletes and sports lovers). Participation in sports is growing rapidly; global sports participation is estimated to reach 3.5 billion people at the end of 2025. With this number of people, sports stands...

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Project Overview: MOBLAND

Most people have probably heard about the mafia, what it is and what it does. And, believably, many of them all were fascinated by their criminal stories, so they could not even be distracted from them. WHAT IS MOBLAND? Are you still looking for a really worthwhile play-to-earn game? But there...

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Project Overview: Kyrrex

The debate over whether cryptocurrency is superior to banking is as old as blockchain technology itself. Blockchain technology traces its history to the 2007 economic downturn when the world suffered as a result of poor central bank management. As a consequence, cryptocurrencies were born, and...

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