Taboo x Satoshi Club AMA Recap from 12th of June

Hello, Satoshi clubbers! Another AMA took place in Satoshi Club and we would like to introduce to you the AMA session with our friends from Taboo and our guest was @M_Guru91 – COO of $TABOO. The AMA took place on 12th of June.

The total reward pool was 500$ and has been split into 3 parts.

In this AMA Recap, we will try to summarise the most interesting points for you.

Part 1 — introduction and questions from the Website

Mary | Satoshi Club: Hello Satoshi Club! We are happy to announce our AMA session with Taboo! Welcome to Satoshi Club😀

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club: Our honorable guest today is @M_Guru91

Welcome to satoshi club

Majid: Hi everyone! I’m excited to be here. Thank you Satoshi Club for helping set this up for $TABOO 🙂

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club:
We are glad to have you here😃. How is going your day?

Mary | Satoshi Club
Welcome here, Majid😃

Majid: It’s still early in the morning for me here so the day is only just getting started🙏

Mary | Satoshi Club:
Wow, have a nice day and we will try to deliver you good mood for the weekend 😉

Mary | Satoshi Club: So, let’s start 🚀

Yes 🙌🏼

Please introduce yourself to our community 😉 tell ys your story about how did you get into the crypto.

Mary | Satoshi Club: And, of course, tell us what is Taboo😊

Majid: Absolutely! So my name is Majid and I am the COO of $TABOO. A bit about my background: I completed a combined major degree in the art of Sciences – Physiology and Neuroscience, and my initial plans were I wanted to become a medical doctor before shifting my focus into other areas. After my decision against medicine, I launched my own successful wealth management firm for 5+ years. I led and organized franchise companies, did extensive public speaking in forums of thousands, and eventually shifted into cryptocurrency. With that, I brought my experience in business with it. From there, I worked on 4 different cryptocurrency projects helping spearhead them and growing them with some reaching hundreds of millions of market cap – in areas such as PR, business development, strategy, and operations. Taboo is now my full focus. I will now share a bit more about TABOO! 🙂

Mary | Satoshi Club: Great background 🚀

Surr, you will help a lot Taboo😉

Majid: Taboo is a deflationary utility token with its own exclusive adult entertainment NFT marketplace being created. It has a built in static rewards program where holders earn passively through the 5% tax distribution to token holders.

TABOO is an entertainment and media-based blockchain tech project utilizing NFTs to create an exciting future. The community driven blockchain technology project is utilizing NFTs to create an excited and most importantly happy long-term holder. It’s a deflationary token bringing exclusive never-seen-before uncensored NFT content from the adult world exclusively for the community members. The project is also going to deploy its own NFT marketplace based on adult entertainment content without depending on any third party.

TABOO understands that the fundamentals of a successful coin have to be MARKETING! Thus the project has been developed to bring in community interest. The increased interest in Crypto currencies has given rise to several crypto phenomena, the most prominent being community driven tokens and the craze around non-fungible token (NFT). Taboo brings the best of both the worlds with its deflationary coin along with a NFT platform that offers opportunity to one and all.

There will be many features to our project and it’s marketplace especially! One of which being able to stake/farm $TABOO for rewards. Similarly, NFTs are not a new phenomenon and has been in the space for over 2 years now. Until now its use case was limited to being used as a fan token for different sports clubs and video game in-game memorabilia. However, this increased interest & popularity has exploded to become the favorite of many mainstream artists and investors, who are very keen to be part of this phenomenon

Taboo aims to reform the adult entertainment industry with its utility token and NFT auction platform. Thus the project has the potential to breach $100 million market cap first while also ensuring that the platform can be accessible for artists to sell – before we hit the billions and beyond. We are focused on exclusive, premium NFT content, and our marketplace which is currently being developed will have features that no other competitor in the space has. We are 100% committed and focused to creating a working product that does not need to re-invent the wheel – rather, we believe in modifying and making it better. Our whitepaper which will be released in the next few days will also highlight some of these plans in more detail. We are extremely excited to be creating what we feel will dominate this sector of crypto! You can learn more about us by visiting our website, checking and following our Twitter, or even noticing how our first exclusive model partnerships already have surpassed any and all competition for the standard of quality, and professionalism we are bringing to this space!

Majid: Done question 1.

Mary | Satoshi Club: Why this industry? What prospects did you find in it and why does it need a blockchain?

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club:
Fantastic concept of the project.

Blockchain technology, as many of you are aware, helps ensure all transactions are fully verifiable and proven in the Blockchain network. There is a decentralization aspect to it, and with that, comes more control of one’s money as it cuts out intermediaries. The best example I can give is let’s say an individual would like to buy a car. Instead of having to get approved by crediting agencies, and having entities tell you whether you are eligible to buy a vehicle, you can cut these intermediaries out entirely thus giving you more control of your money. I can spend lots of time discussing the benefits of Blockchain, but that is not my focus for today. What I will say about the industry it’s in – the adult entertainment space – is that “sex” really does sell. You add a lucrative industry (96Billion dollars/YR) , the adult entertainment space, and a hot and trendy subsection of crypto – NFT’s – and you have a powerful firestorm. Furthermore, I’d like to add, that for any crypto project – 1% of it’s success comes from the idea itself. 99% comes down to execution. With any investment one owns, they have to be placing their faith in the development teams/teams to realize said visions and goals. I have seen many projects fail due to the lack of skillset, experience, or understanding of how the cryptosphere works. Luckily, the $TABOO team brings with it the qualified candidates necessary to make all our goals a reality.

Done question 2

Mary | Satoshi Club: Yes, that’s true! Idea is important and Taboo has it😉

Indeed :)!

Mary | Satoshi Club: Thank you for your intro! Are you ready to start with the questions from our community 😉

I’m ready. Let’s do this 😁

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club:
Now, we are even more excited about the project😁

Q1 from Telegram user @Highpee
Taboo aims to reorganise and reform the adult entertainment industry by leveraging on the hype around meme tokens and NFTs which is associated with this current bull run. You said your project has the potential to breach the $100 million market cap. This is quite ambitious. How will you be able to actualize this ambition using the popularity of NFT and the trend of Meme tokens as a basis? How is your platform built to inspire and satisfy various categories of investors including those who like adult entertainment and general investors that love to invest in potential gem for the financial benefit it brings?

Firstly, I want to make it crystal clear to the Satoshi Club community: $TABOO is not a meme token. Rather, we are a full utility, deflationary token that operates on the Binance Smart Chain network. Just wanted to clarify that as there were some featured publications from reputable News sources at the start of our launch that incorrectly mentioned this, which is a major distinction for us to clarify. The ways we are focused on actualizing this ambition comes in multiple layers. Firstly, it is Marketing. Our marketing spend/budget is more than healthy – in fact, we have total freedom in how and where we need to spend. Without a healthy marketing budget to promote brand awareness, that means nobody is able to understand what you are, and will not buy. We continue to generate data analytics on all our spend to ensure we are always protecting our community’s interests. We believe our Marketing is superior to the competition. Example being that we have already, in just a few weeks old project, been featured on globally known publication sites should as Business Insider (Check our Website to see the full list of featured publications). Secondly, this entire project hinges on our community. Without a strong and loyal community, we are nothing. Therefore, our #1 focus is to always remain transparent, and clear with our communications. We also value community insight, opinions, and ideas. We are all equals in that regard. With regards to our platform – one important ingredient is helping facilitate the process of buying $TABOO. We are happy to have crypto savvy investors buy $TABOO, but we also recognize there is a major market of buyers who just have not familiarized themselves yet with crypto, and we are focused on helping ensure they understand the benefits of starting to invest in cryptocurrencies too. Lastly, the best way to inspire various categories of investors is to deliver on your promises, and help them all make money. Since launch, during this recent market correction/side-ways moving market, we have held strong at 10x + our initial launch Market Cap price, and we will continue to deliver and prove, through our swift action taking and developments, why holding $TABOO is a worthwhile investment for all of you!


Andrés M. | Satoshi Club:
Thanks for the clear answer. Ready for the next question?😃


Q2 from Telegram user @andrey_seleznov
Hi Taboo
Recently the Taboo team decided to make some alterations to the existing tokenomics. Reflections were decreased from 5% to 2% and burns from 2% to 1% plus you added a 4% fee that goes to the LP pool. What were the reasons behind these changes? New tokenomics looks less attractive from the holders perspective, combined tax is bigger while reflexive rewards are smaller. What was the holder’s community reaction to this change? Thank you!

I am thrilled this question has been asked! Happy to answer this! Yes, recently we have adjusted our tokenomics. It was always a 7% total transaction tax split between LP, burns, and reflections. Recently, we made an alteration so that for every buy and sell there is still a total of 7% txn fees, however it is broken down to 4% LP add, 1% burns, and 2% reflections/re-distributions. Why we did this is because we wanted to promote strong and healthy liquidity leading up to our NFT Marketplace and other development plans. Once our NFT Marketplace hits, we may adjust the tokenomics slightly to reflect our vision for $TABOO being a full utility based token. We released a Medium article discussing these changes and the community were happy that we were fully transparent about it. We had initially planned to renounce the contract right after launch, but if we did, we would not have been able to strengthen our LP. Once our NFT Marketplace hits, we will do a final revision, and more than likely renounce the contract. However, we believe that it is not suitable, for right now, to fully renounce the contract yet until our NFT Marketplace working product is live, and functional. We need this flexibility to ensure that what we launch is the best product possible, and that the tokenomics make the most sense for buyers, our community, and $TABOO as a whole.

Mary | Satoshi Club:
Where we can currently buy $TABOO?

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club:
What’s the max supply and current market cap?

You can buy $TABOO on V2 Pancakeswap 🙂 We are already in talks with multiple exchanges and really close to finalizing our 1st one. For the record: We were wanting to go directly to a Top 10 exchange. This is how determined we are. We learned that we cannot, despite our push to make happen list on a T1 exchange right away. Therefore, we are going to list on a respectable, high quality T2 exchange with the imminent focus of getting onto a top 10 exchange. Soon, you will be able to buy $TABOO from Pancakeswap but multiple exchanges in addition!

Mary | Satoshi Club:
Awesome! We will wait for news from you 🚀🚀🚀

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club:
Our best wishes for Taboo on it💪

The maximum supply is 10Billion tokens, but of course we currently have ongoing burns occuring which is consistently reducing our total supply. Our current Market Cap is sitting at 2.4Mill. Our all time high is 8Mill. While this is not financial advice, and I urge everyone to always do your due diligence and research, just remember we are still extremely young and early. We are not listed on CG or CMC yet despite applications being made too. This can happen any day. We have major model partnerships we are working on, and major global entities already wanting to work with us. Our NFT Marketplace that we develop is going to have cutting edge features that no other crypto will have. We are not yet listed on our 1st exchange. Our whitepaper will be released soon. I can keep sharing but my main point is that right now, this looks to be a perfect entry point (again this is not financial advice) 🙂

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club:
A great time to buy tokens, you have a great gem in hands 😃

And we will be quick to let everyone know the moment we have more news!

Mary | Satoshi Club:
Super! Thank you for your detailed answers! Ready to go to the next question?😉

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club:
Thank you Majid: is a pleasure to have detailed answers.

I was BORN ready!

Q3 from Telegram user @belkysgonzalez
You will integrate an interactive platform where users can interact with content creators directly and pay for streaming, tips, private shows and special NFTs. Will this platform resemble the most popular streaming platforms like YouTube or Twitch? Will users have to pay some kind of membership to access this platform? And will $TABOO be the only currency accepted?

Wonderful question! This platform, and more details will be unveiled in our upcoming Whitepaper, will include aspects like staking, farming, and it will be rewards centric every step of the way. We are designing a Tier based model where members will need to hold, and stake $TABOO in order to be eligible for different categories of “exclusive” content. The content creators themselves will have incentive to join, and stay in our Marketplace too. There will be passive income possibilities, access to exclusive content (in NFT’s, and beyond), and the development of streaming services that will be integrated into our platform too. $TABOO will not be the only currency accepted either. See, we have thought out every possible scenario/angle here, and that’s why we are so excited with this Marketplace that we are developing. People will be able to buy, and tip/spend in $TABOO but direct fiat and other currencies will still be possible however our aim is to ensure that all steps we take ensures positive price impact for $TABOO token itself, so be rest assured that there will be benefits to owning, and using $TABOO token relative to other currencies too. Lastly, I will mention that what we are looking to create will be the first of it’s kind in the cryptosphere. We aren’t resembling any platforms rather we are creating the one-stop shop platform that will set the new standard. I wish I could share more but you’ll need to stay tuned for the whitepaper release for even more information! 😉 It’s right around the corner and will outline all of this in even more detail!

Done this question 🙂

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club:
Wonderful answer😁. Could share with us your roadmap? It seems that amazing things are coming for TABOO in the second half of 2021!

Mary | Satoshi Club:
What is minimum amount of TATOO users required to hold and stake to be eligible for different categories?

Of course! We have an updated Roadmap which you can read by going to Before moving forward, I want to share that while we updated our website, and roadmap, we strongly believe in being able to pivot, adapt, and adjust along the way in this ever so rapid moving market. While we have defined our current road-map, we are open to allowing ourselves the opportunity to evolve it as $TABOO evolves and the mindsets of the team and community evolve with it. You can see in our Roadmap we have expected time-lines for reaching certain landmarks such as implementation of our holders tiers programs, listings on top CEX’s, staking/farming portals, a merchandise store release, V1 of our Marketplace, Certik Audit (We passed Techrate with flying colours – check our website on it) but we want to do Certik and more audits, and more!

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club:

Mary | Satoshi Club:
Btw, will you update info on dextools, i see that some part of it still missed

This is something that the Whitepaper will touch upon. We are actually in the process of working out the mathematics on this and testing out various models around what makes the most sense. Why I say this, in case some Satoshi Club members are wondering, is because we on the $TABOO team firmly believe in underpromising, and over-delivering. We do not want to share particular information that will create an expectation in investors’ minds that if not reached, will lead to disappointment. We want to ensure that every milestone, use-case/utility, and detailed plans is done carefully. We are not in a rush to launch this product because we are not a pump and dump token. Hype marketing, for example, only goes so far. We want to build this out right the 1st time. Our community members who have been loyal understand this, hence why even during these recent market conditions we have held our Market Cap strong 🙂

Yes, we are trying to get this updated. Poocoin reflects the correct information but we did notice that the information is not correct on Dextools. For example, our holder count is frozen on Dextools. It will be fixed don’t worry everyone! 🙂

Mary | Satoshi Club:

Thank you for your answers! Ready to jump to the next question?

Absolutely! 🙏

Q4 from Telegram user @lzamg
One of your goals for Q2 is to begin partnerships with exclusive models and adult industry stars, which is marked as completed. Can you share with us about the partnerships you have already made in the adult industry? Do they have a background in crypto? And there are two models on the Taboo website under the “Upcoming partnerships” section, but there’s no information. Can you tell us about them?

I’ll start by sharing that $TABOO is focused on branding itself as classy, upscale, professional, and quality driven. An example of this is seen with the models we’ve partnered with already and even $TABOO being on this AMA with Satoshiclub☺️

Our first few models that we signed are considered supermodels.
The first is Chloe Aveniam – a Dior model and McKenzie Rose – a guess model!
They have released “special” welcome videos already I urge you all to check them out😜
In fact, we have also agreed in principle on a deal with LiveRichMedia (check their instagram).
More partnerships on the way.

See, I would like everyone here to understand that every single decision we make we do it through the lens of what is best for $TABOO, the community, and investors. We have walked away from potentially massive media groups, and entities, because we felt THEY did not bring us enough value. This is how far our vision is stretched.
That section for upcoming parterships will have further information when we cement the partnerships we know are best for us 🙂

Mary | Satoshi Club:
Sure, you will have interesting partners😃

Thank you for your answer! Ready to proceed?

You also all heard it here first about LiveRichMedia.. oops, I might’ve committed a “slip” announcement🤷‍♂️


Andrés M. | Satoshi Club:
Thanks for the sneak peek😁

Mary | Satoshi Club:

Q5 from Telegram user @orlemys
You said you would offer never-seen-before uncensored NFT content. However, with so many restrictions in place, even for censored content, how do you plan to offer uncensored ones? What is your strategy/technology and why have we never seen something like this before?

Wonderful question! I am impressed with the quality of questions from Satoshi Club and it’s members! I really am!

It is true that NSFW title tokens can be met with possible scrutiny, but this does not have to do with NFTs themselves, but the country’s governance. For example, Korea has outlawed “porn” so of course there will be limitations in this regard for some Korean based exchanges. There are no laws against NFTs in any country for how provocative they can be though so keep that in mind!

We are aware of this, and that’s why we are branding ourselves the way we have.
Our exclusive NFT marketplace will not be designed in a way where it’s Rated R right from the get go. We believe that there is room for all kinds of content creation – from fully clothed, seductive pictures, to more softcore style lingerie, to then of course more “rated R” which will have its own section on the marketplace that will require particular requirements to access.

As I said before, we have all the data we need by measuring and sizing up our competition. We are already miles ahead of them for what we’ve achieved so far, and what the community and world will see that’s unique is all the added features and integrations in this working marketplace. We have had official NDA’s signed with multiple parties because we are protecting what we feel is intellectual property for the above features and implementations.
We all also need to remember that many cryptos reach really high marketcaps without a working product.
We will continue to market this as we go, but we know that a working product > than any paid marketing as it will then market itself.

Mary | Satoshi Club:
When do you plan your NFT content to go live?😃

Btw, will you have content only for boys or for girls also?😂

As the marketplace develops , and this will take time, we will be releasing ongoing exclusive NFTs through contests, rewards for holding $TABOO, and giveaways.
Of course we’re aware we need to keep our community “happy” in the interim😆

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club:
Sure, which categories will Taboo have?

We want to ensure full inclusivity for all genders and gender identifications so we definitely are not going to be limiting ourselves to just one type of content😅
This will be a choice by community members. We get that TABOO is a real term. Many people are into different things. And we want everyone to be and feel empowered for this.
In fact, we will be creating an educational piece to our project so that “taboo” topics as a whole can be discussed, and people can be informed about it.

Mary | Satoshi Club:

Mary | Satoshi Club:
Thank you for your answers! Are you ready for the 6th and last question from this part?🚀

Edited a bit more on my answer above for completion😇


Q6 from Telegram user @Asela1112
It is mentioned about launching a Taboo farming & staking portals in your Roadmap Q3. I really like farming and staking protocals due to their passive income & long term access. Already there are 2898 $TABOO holders while the total supply 9,812,130,872.534424 $TABOO. Which assets can be used for the farming and staking? How about the TVL in your liquidity pool? How long will the pool be locked? What are the special benefits that staking holders can get in your platform in addition to 2% of $TABOO distribution?

Mary | Satoshi Club:

I agree!
Staking/farming is fantastic in the sense that long term holders would benefit from doing so.
Also keep in mind what impermanence loss looks like (research it), so when farming goes live we will make sure our community understands all the consequences to farming, vs staking.

And that question on “special benefits” as much as I do not like teasing the Satoshi Club community, you’ll have to be patient to read our upcoming whitepaper that is in the final stages of completion for release in just a few days😉

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club:
Well, thank you so much for your clear answers Majid. I’m happy to be here, we learn a lot about Taboo, a unique project with big potential.👏

Mary | Satoshi Club:
We will definitely read your Whitepaper 😃 we still have weekend and your NFTs are not live yet, so…😂

A testament to how early you all are when buying!

Part 2 — live questions from the Telegram community

Q1 from Telegram user @potentialsake
Why did you name your project as TABOO and not some rocket or cum or anything else?

Great question.
Taboo in our mind is a much more marketable name than having phrases like “cum” and “porn” and “rocket”
Remember, in terms of branding, picture yourself as an individual/entity who would potentially want to collaborate with us. If our name wasn’t designed like TABOO (a general sense term), we limit ourselves to the amount and kinds of partnerships and endorsements we can lock in. Imagine you are a celebrity with a family and reputation to protect. You will be weary to partner with some of these existing names and rightfully so.

I’m personally surprised with some of the names of other tokens. It is as if they did not consider the implications of the consequences that having a name like that can bring.

Q2 from Telegram user @Asela1112
Will All the appearance of NFTs be based on the models in your platform? Do you have an idea to work with porn stras also?

Yes yes and yes!
The attraction point for models and content creators is they get to promote themselves and have opportunities to earn healthy revenue streams by minting and selling their NFTs. We are even adding features that go beyond NFTs themselves – think video content, streaming services, tipping in our token for private access to exclusive content. I’m excited just typing this!!

We are already in discussions with porn stars. Remember, we are still adult entertainment focused but we want to make sure that you do not need to just be in porn to enjoy what $TABOO has to offer.

Q3 from Telegram user @rockmorti
Is it in your development plan to validate the progress of the project through Governance, or will these decisions remain in the hands of the main team?

We have actually discussed governance extensively within the $TABOO team.
For now, as I’ve done before, we value all community input, ideas, and suggestions.
We have run multiple community Q+A’s and these happen on a consistent, and regular basis.
Feel free to check our website to also see recorded footage from our 1st AMA, and looking at our YouTube channel for other AMA’s.

Some of our existing and future initiatives have come from community members, so while there is a dev team we know that we are nothing without the support and loyalty of our community and will continue to earn their confidence and trust at all times!

Q4 from Telegram user @sweetdoge
Who is the $TABOO team what is the experience of the team on crypto business and do you have any female co-workers?

The $TABOO team includes individuals in various roles, from PR, to external marketing/social media management, internal marketing roles, tech, web development, business development, strategy, admins/mods, and more.

We completely understand the importance of outsourcing talent too. While many of us play a hand in multiple areas of our project (we are multi faceted in skill-set) we have core specializations too.
At all times we also hire contract work talent as we go and always have an expansion mindset as seen in our recent hires for various marketing management roles 🙂

And yes, we do have female co-workers with us too!🔥

Q5 from Telegram user @slla1112
What kind of marketing plans do you have for Taboo’s long-term prosperity? Have you completed your technical work?

Marketing comes in many forms.
For example, there is paid promos/advertising that is ongoing – check our recent Twitter posts for the volume of influencer videos we launched. This happens all the time to help increase and promote brand awareness.

We also understand that with marketing, comes the need of understanding that it is not just what you do, it is when , and how you do it. Focused intention is paramount. Some kinds of marketing prove effective and ineffective. Some we only learn through trial and error.
So, there is always ongoing short term micro marketing as well as careful planning on other kinds of marketing that are more mid to long term in nature.

But to us, the best kind of marketing is action marketing – having the community rally as a unit to reach one common goal. No paid marketing can ever beat this.

We’re all here for the same reason too. To become financially independent, and free. Join us on this journey, and remember, to buy us and sell early is no different than selling out on your dream futures☺️

Q6 from Telegram user @Robotliker1
What are your listings plan on exchange?do you believe token for an adult industry will be listed in exchanges?

Hello to you too!

Believe it or not, and I want to re-share this point:

$TABOO wanted to go straight to a Tier 1 exchange. In the top 10. We were ready and prepared to do this last week.
However, we understand that in order to list on a T1 exchange we need to list on a T2 exchange first. So, that is our first target – a T2 exchange then we are immediately going after top 10/top 5 exchanges 🙂

As for adult industry tokens, many exchanges still list them.
The issue is more about deflationary tokenomics than our “title”
Exchanges are generally not happy with deflationary tokenomics because it goes against their business models, but as said before our final tokenomics will be published in unison with our marketplace development

Q7 from Telegram user @ask2lance
I saw in one of your announcement that you want to get listed on BlockFolio and Delta.I know Blockfolio/Delta are a top cryptocurrency tracking app that supports the widest variation of cryptocurrencies.Can you tell us why you want to get listed in Blockfolio and Delta since both are Tracking Apps?Are you planning to create multi-portflio for different investors and for those who are looking out for the next big thing in cryto?And how far have gone with your upvotes?

Great question!
We believe we’ve already hit our upvotes with Delta and Blockfolio!
And we are now reaching out to them to list us. We will continue to bug them until they do.

One thing I’d like to add:
Many people are very focused on “wen cmc” and “wen CG”

While these are valuable trust platforms to search for and understand tokens, we understand there are hundreds of tracking sites globally and worldwide with large user bases, in different languages, that don’t even know or care for cmc and cg
So be rest assured we are going to target all of those big tracking sites for listing too. Because to us, we don’t see many cryptos doing this but it is a highly effective exposure marketing strategy

Q8 from Telegram user @nadee5
In your roadmap, it is mentioned about
Actually, I am interested to know,
How will MERCHANDISE STORE work? Can you tell us more details, sir?🙂

The merchandise store is an exciting aspect to our project!
Take a look at this first prototype😉 it will definitely include everything “taboo” but with many accessories and products beyond what is expected in an adult entertainment field ☺️

Q9 from Telegram user @nguyenben
Congratulations Taboo! TechRate Audit Passed Successfully, when will Certik audit Contract?

Certik Audit we are about to apply for. We understand it takes a bit of time to get the final results for but be rest assured it’s coming!🙏🔥

Q10 from Telegram user @luckyboy0305
Which one of these aspects is important for you?

1-Increasing Token Price & Value
2-Empowering Platform Development
3-Building Community Trust
4-Expanding Partnership Globally

In what order?

Great question!
I would say the order of importance is:

1) Building community trust

Without community trust, we will not be able to hold higher price floors as consolidations in price have everything to do with community members holding.
With this, naturally

2) increasing token price and value

Token price and value goes up when people see an investment that is worthwhile to buy.

And then 3 + 4.

While I enjoyed this question as a thought experiment, and a great ending question to the community member questions to the AMA, the truth is all of these 4 options are equally important and we work on all of this together, consecutively, on a daily basis.
It’s our job to know what is a higher priority at any given time and we shift our focus where need be

Part 3 – Quiz Results

In the final part, we tested your knowledge in terms of Taboo. They’ve prepared 4 questions for this part. The total reward pool for the quiz was 300$.
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