SafeEarth x Satoshi Club AMA Recap from 28th of April

Hello, Satoshi clubbers! Another AMA took place in Satoshi Club and we would like to introduce to you the AMA session with our friends from SafeEarth and our guests were @TheCryptoMartian @popelit @KenSafeEarth. The AMA took place on 28 April.

The AMA session was divided into 3 parts with a total crypto reward pool of 500$

In this AMA Recap we will try to summarise the most interesting points for you.

Part 1 — introduction and questions from the Telegram community

Mary | Satoshi Club: Hello Satoshi Club! We are happy to announce our AMA session with SafeEarth! Welcome to Satoshi Club😀

D. | Satoshi Club: today our guests  – @TheCryptoMartian @popelit @KenSafeEarth !

welcome to Satoshi Club guys!

Ken SafeEarth – SafeMars CEO (won’t DM first): Hello everyone 🙂

The Martian (i will NOT dm you first, if so it’s a scammer): Hello world! Thanks for having us 😘

Mary | Satoshi Club: Hello guys 😊 Welcome to Satoshi Club! how’s going?

Ken SafeEarth – SafeMars CEO (won’t DM first): For those of you who don’t know us, we are SafeEarth it’s great to be a part of the Satoshi Club and are here to answer any questions you may have about us 🙂

The Martian (i will NOT dm you first, if so it’s a scammer): Stoked to be here to tell you about us

Mary | Satoshi Club: And we want to know as much as possible 😉


Let’s start with intro 👍

Could you please introduce yourself and tell us more about SafeEarth?😉

Ken SafeEarth – SafeMars CEO (won’t DM first): SafeEarth – we are the same team behind SafeMars –  Yesterday we marked a big milestone in the SafeEarth planner. We are officially 1 month old.

Mary | Satoshi Club: Happy birthday 🎉💐

D. | Satoshi Club: okay, so what is SafeMars then 😄

Ken SafeEarth – SafeMars CEO (won’t DM first): My name is Ken and I’m the CEO 🙂 nice to meet  everyone here at the Satoshi Club! Thank you again for having us

We are a Autonomous yield and liquidity generation protocol. Simply hold SAFEEARTH in your wallet and you will get more. On each transaction the protocol automatically distributes rewards to holders as well as auto-locks liquidity forever.

The Martian (i will NOT dm you first, if so it’s a scammer): I’m the original developer of SafeEarth (and SafeMars shortly before it). In the meantime I’m happy to say we’re 15 people, devs, marketing, admin, not to mention the army of tireless mods in our groups 😜

Mary | Satoshi Club: How long are you in crypto, Ken?😀

Ken SafeEarth – SafeMars CEO (won’t DM first): Me since about 2014 🙂

The Martian (i will NOT dm you first, if so it’s a scammer): So, we have two tokens:

– SafeMars: on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

– SafeEarth: on Ethereum (ETH)

We call them “sister” tokens. Even though today’s AMA is about SafeEarth, feel free to ask SafeMars questions as well if you have them.

Mary | Satoshi Club: 👍

Ken SafeEarth – SafeMars CEO (won’t DM first): SafeEarth is programmed to reward holders while increasing in both liquidity and value. It does this by applying a 4% tax on transactions.

D. | Satoshi Club: 15 people are lot, for the young project, when your team was formed?

Mary | Satoshi Club: Yes, that’s nice👍 good incentive

Ken SafeEarth – SafeMars CEO (won’t DM first): part of that tax is used as follows:

1% goes to holders (instantly without fees) 😁

The Martian (i will NOT dm you first, if so it’s a scammer): It still amazes me how the team came together organically. I started myself and right after launch several people expressed interest to contribute. I basically took everyone on board: some were devs, some were mods, some were videographers, some marketing people. Even though we didn’t do any “interviews” 😊 absolutely everyone on the team is awesome! I think by the second week we more or less had the team we have now, with just 1-2 people joining after.

Ken SafeEarth – SafeMars CEO (won’t DM first): 1% is locked into liquidity forever(allows trading)

Mary | Satoshi Club: I have one question – if your coin is programmed to reward holders, why should they make transactions?😀 If everyone will hold and any transactions will happened what then?

Ken SafeEarth – SafeMars CEO (won’t DM first): That’s a very good question but part of the tax is also used for the following reasons, I have explained above the 2%

another 1% of that goes towards the Earth Fund.

SafeEarth’s incentive is to help our planet and all those who live in it, by trading our token holders are also donating to charity to make the world a better place for us all

I won’t give the total amount we have donated just yet as that’s part of the quiz to come

The Martian (i will NOT dm you first, if so it’s a scammer): To add to what Ken said. I think that even though we incentivize holding, people will always trade. To get holder rewards you have to buy in the first place, the more people buy the more some holders will take profit, then the cycle repeats.

This cycle is good for everyone: holders, sellers, charity donations and project funds for marketing 😜

Mary | Satoshi Club: Sure! But i think it’s like “those who read AMA carefully will perfectly answer Quiz”😀

Yes, i got this👍

Thank you for your intro, guys!

Ready to start with the questions from our community?😀

Ken SafeEarth – SafeMars CEO (won’t DM first): and the last 1% of the tax is spent on outreach and marketing!

Sure thing 🙂

Q1 from Telegram user @victorogb

SafeEarth is a pretty new project officially launched on the 27th of March 2021, and in that short time frame (approximately a month), it has successfully supported a foremost charity programme and raised close to $200,000. This is really an astronomical feat by all standards. I will glady like to know how SafeEarth was able to achieve this within such a short period after launch and going forward, how will SafeEarth maximise the enormous potentials of her growing community in building a safer and better planet?

Ken SafeEarth – SafeMars CEO (won’t DM first): Yes we are just 1 month old, in that short space of time we have achieved this though our amazing community. Growing the community and becoming more recognised in the charity sector is what we main to be. We will maximise our potential by getting directly involved with charities and completing projects with individuals to help communities. For example: We have now started to do some work with The Water project to build some wells in parts of Africa. This was all possible to our community and our holders who trade our token

The Martian (i will NOT dm you first, if so it’s a scammer): Just a mention from my side: we donated almost $200k so far and in the meantime the EarthFund (as we call it) accrued almost that amount again (at today’s ETH price) which means our next donation will be at least $200k (most likely more by the time we do it), bigger than both our two previous rounds together 🎉

Mary | Satoshi Club: Btw, i want to ask if you had a charity experience before?

Incredible numbers! 🎉

Ken SafeEarth – SafeMars CEO (won’t DM first):I have done volunteer work before yes in the UK 🙂 I love giving back to the community and with SafeEarth I honestly believe we can  make the planet a better place for us all 🙂 – As the Martian pointed out those numbers are amazing 🙂

Mary | Satoshi Club: How legit will be this donations? As i know not all charity funds accept crypto😀

The Martian (i will NOT dm you first, if so it’s a scammer): On a personal note: our last donation round was done live on telegram with representatives from the charities coming in and saying some words about what they do and how this money impacts and helps. It was an incredibly emotional and satisfying moment to be able to be part of that. I invite everyone to join us for the next one ☺️

Mary | Satoshi Club: Sure, i can only imagine 😀 hope i won’t be late to see how your next round will go!

Ken SafeEarth – SafeMars CEO (won’t DM first): Whilst not all charities currently accept crypto you would be surprised how many of them are now starting to do so. Its because of projects like ours they are starting to do so. All our donations are done live on our Telegram group. In the near distant future we hope to do them by live video streamed on our YouTube Channel

The Martian (i will NOT dm you first, if so it’s a scammer): All charities we donated to so far accepted crypto. The bigger ones even have a way to do it directly on their website, the smaller ones have a donation wallet. Most take anonymous donations. For those that don’t, members of our team that are public donated from our funds. All transactions are public on the blockchain and links can be found on 😜

Mary | Satoshi Club: Awesome 👏👏👏 we got a lot of new info!

Thank you for your answers! Ready to proceed?🚀

Ken SafeEarth – SafeMars CEO (won’t DM first): Always 🙂

Q2 from Telegram user @pixma00

How are the charities selected to which the money will be donated? How are the various donations distributed? In the case of active tokens, will the Hodlers have to pay any gas fees to get their rewards? Under which chain do your transactions operate?

Ken SafeEarth – SafeMars CEO (won’t DM first): We have currently done 2 donations, Our first donation was chosen by the popular vote of our community. this was a at the time a $100k Donation which was sent to TheOceanCleanUp. For our second round of donations that happened on Earth Day – we decided to split the funds and reward 4 different charities. These Charities were chosen by the wider community and discussions in our official Telegram Group. Holders do not pay any gas fees to get their rewards as 1% goes back to holders instantly and without fees. We operate only under the Ethereum blockchain and UniSwap

The Martian (i will NOT dm you first, if so it’s a scammer): To clarify: there is a SCAM SafeEarth token on BSC. Has no relation with us, DO NOT BUY!

Mary | Satoshi Club: That’s important 📌

D. | Satoshi Club: good info! thanks!

Ken SafeEarth – SafeMars CEO (won’t DM first): Our Earth fund has accumulated another 70 Ethereum which will be donated again soon to charities. We will be releasing further information on our social media channels regarding our next donation 🙂

Mary | Satoshi Club: So, you will continue to vote in your tg group or may be you are thinking to create another voting system?

Huge amounts! Incredible!

Ken SafeEarth – SafeMars CEO (won’t DM first): At the moment yes we will be allowing the community to present ideas regarding charities and then put it to a vote 🙂

It is amazing 🙂 we have come such a long way in just a month and we have such a long way to go!

Mary | Satoshi Club: 👏

Thank you for your answers, guys! Ready to jump to the next question?😉

Ken SafeEarth – SafeMars CEO (won’t DM first): Please, proceed 🙂

Q3 from Telegram user   @yellowchamp

I heard about SafeMoon ,SafeMars projects already in the market and now we have SafeEarth. So my question is, does SafeEarth have any connection with those mention projects? As many coins or tokens in the market that shows a good impression at first but as time goes by they have been rugged even many holders already, so how can we trust and believe that $SAFEEARTH will be a great project and a good investment for a long run? Thank you

D. | Satoshi Club: so we have heard about SafeMars already, what about SafeMoon? 😄

The Martian (i will NOT dm you first, if so it’s a scammer): We have no relationship with other SafeX projects, only SafeMars and SafeEarth.

As far as the “safe” part goes, we technically cannot rug:

– liquidity is locked on team finance (all transactions public)

– as more liquidity is auto-generated by our smart contract we lock it as well (every couple days)

– we’ve been audited by Hacken (audit available on

– and last but not least….the fact that we’ve donated almost $200k to charity and are about to donate at least $200k more should speak for itself

We’re in this for the long run 😜

D. | Satoshi Club: do you have any strategy on bear market? it will come sooner or later, do you already discussed with the team, how you will be survive?

Mary | Satoshi Club: That’s great, team finance is a good choice! What about smart contract audit?

The Martian (i will NOT dm you first, if so it’s a scammer): You can download it here:

Mary | Satoshi Club: No issues! Great job👏

The Martian (i will NOT dm you first, if so it’s a scammer): We always plan for a rainy day. 1% of transactions goes towards our marketing fund and should the bear market come, we’re ready to use a part of that for further development. However, we’d probably have a community vote. It was the community actually who voted to use 1% for marketing 😜

Ken SafeEarth – SafeMars CEO (won’t DM first): We have a few things up our sleeve, pushing harder than ever with marketing from our fund and providing the community with personal updates from myself. There is always light at the end of the tunnel if things do go that way. We are a very strong and dedicated team 🙂

It seems my touch typing skills are not up to the Martians 🙂

D. | Satoshi Club: [ 💪 Sticker ]

thank you guys for answers! 😊

ready for the next question?

Ken SafeEarth – SafeMars CEO (won’t DM first): Sure thing 🙂

Q4 from Telegram user @meml97

It came to my attention on your roadmap that for Q2 2021 you have “Community votes, events and competitions”. Can you tell us more about this? On what will users be able to vote at that time, and how? Also, can you share more about those events and competitions? What will they going to be about and what will SafeEarth and its users get from both things?

Ken SafeEarth – SafeMars CEO (won’t DM first): Absolutely! On our second donation, we had a live music event streamed for our holders live on our website.  We always what’s best for the community and in order to do, we allow everyone to share their opinions and come forward to us on how we can make SafeEarth a better, stronger community


We have already had our first challenge, The Plastic Challenge in which we handed out over $3600 worth of tokens just for collecting and recycling plastic

In the future we hope to have even bigger competitions with even bigger prices for completing tasks that help our communities and our planet.

D. | Satoshi Club: so for the process of voting, i want clarify, to be able to vote person should hold some amount of your tokens?

Mary | Satoshi Club: Creative and important event👍

Ken SafeEarth – SafeMars CEO (won’t DM first): In terms of voting for the donations, we have a personal vote in our Telegram group and then a public vote on twitter.

But we encourage all people that vote to be holders, our first vote was public on twitter so technically no you wouldn’t have to hold tokens to vote. But this may change at a later date.

Mary | Satoshi Club: Awesome! Great job, guys, don’t stop! 😀 do you want to add something or we can go to the next question?

Ken SafeEarth – SafeMars CEO (won’t DM first): Do proceed 🙂

Q5 from Telegram user @Winner_don

On dexguru, i saw two variant of SafeEarth; the erc and another BSC. Also, on pancakeswap, if you search SafeEarth, you wil see SafeEarth token. I know SafeEarth to be available only on Uniswap but seeing SafeEarth on Pancakeswap made me confused. I want to ask if the Safeearth on BSC is legit? Also, i bought some on BSC and notice the price far lower than the one on ERC-20. What can you say about the Safeearth on the BSC network? The trading volume is over $1000.

D. | Satoshi Club: we already touched this question today

The Martian (i will NOT dm you first, if so it’s a scammer): The one on BSC is a scam, do not buy.

D. | Satoshi Club: any plans to launch official token on BSC?

The Martian (i will NOT dm you first, if so it’s a scammer): Yes, SafeMars 😜

Ken SafeEarth – SafeMars CEO (won’t DM first): the BSC Token is A SCAM PLEASE DO NOT BUY – We only trade on the Ethereum chain as The Martian pointed out 🙂

D. | Satoshi Club: 😉 gotcha😄

Mary | Satoshi Club: What is SafeMars project about? Which goals it has?

D. | Satoshi Club: i think this is a part of decentralization as well, that anyone can create scam token with a similar name on other platform. tough to solve this issue at the moment 🤷

Mary | Satoshi Club: Scammers never sleep

Ken SafeEarth – SafeMars CEO (won’t DM first): to find out more about SafeMars you can visit our website at 🙂  we currently have 350k holders and I’m positive SafeEarth will follow its its footsteps

D. | Satoshi Club: insane amount of holders 👍

The Martian (i will NOT dm you first, if so it’s a scammer): SafeMars is our first project. It’s on BSC and we like to say “we pay you to hold” 😊 Basically you hold SafeMars and as people transact you get more automatically in your wallet.

As it gained traction quite well, the trading volume is high so it really “pays” to hold it.

Another component is the auto-liquidity generation, same as SafeEarth, but dialed up 1%, so 2% of each transaction gets automatically added to liquidity. Our current liquidity is at $13 million.

Ken SafeEarth – SafeMars CEO (won’t DM first): It is indeed very sad..its not something we can control. What we can do is spread awareness, use our strong community to report their fake channels so that people don’t get scammed.

D. | Satoshi Club: that’s right 💪

Mary | Satoshi Club: Yes, i see😀 you even plan NFT farming soon! Very interesting project

Thank you for your answers! Ready for the 6th and last question from this part?😉

D. | Satoshi Club: good question for the second part, so Satoshi clubbers this is your chance to ask them about NFTs😄

Mary | Satoshi Club: You’re good in hints😉

Ken SafeEarth – SafeMars CEO (won’t DM first): yes  please 🙂

Q6 from Telegram user @kimzyemma

In your roadmap, you stated there that FURTHER PARTNERSHIP in Q2 2021, I haven’t seen or read about any of your partnership at all. Since you said further partnership in second quarter, that shows you have partnered with some which are not listed on your website. The community will be interested in knowing companies SAFEEARTH has partnered with.

Ken SafeEarth – SafeMars CEO (won’t DM first): We are always expanding our team the people we are working with. We will be partnering up with some of our previous  charities that we have worked with as well as expanding into other advertising ventures such as TV. This is all in the pipeline to expand SafeEarth into the wider non crypto related community.

The Martian (i will NOT dm you first, if so it’s a scammer): Good point. Our website is constantly being updated. We have several partnerships in the works. I can’t reveal too much but they go along the following lines:

1. Partnerships with charities. This would mean we donate to them regularly (not the whole donation amount of course, we want to always donate to new ones as well) and work closely together where they also give back updates how the money is spent so we can keep the community up to date.

2. Technical partnerships: for example for SafeMars we partnered with The Token Kennel for staking and Degenr for NFT mining. We aim to do something similar for SafeEarth.

3. Marketing partnerships: as Ken said we aim to make SafeEarth known to the general public (also outside of crypto) and for that we’re going to partner with some well known influencers, media outlets as well as the electronic music scene 😜

Also to mention: we’re always open for new ideas and feedback. If you want to partner with us or know someone who does, please do reach out.

Mary | Satoshi Club: Fantastic speed😀 we will follow your updates and will be waiting for new partnerships announcments👍

Part 2 — live questions from the Telegram community

Q1 from telegram username @Josichams

What motivated you to carry out this project and include saving the planet🌍?

 SafeMars CEO (won’t DM first): Helping others has always been a passion of mine. Everyone should have the access to clean water and basic needs which sadly not many of us do. Hopefully with SafeEarth we can make a BIG change.

The Martian (i will NOT dm you first, if so it’s a scammer): I’m going to coalesce several questions into one answer:

– where to find the real token to make sure I don’t buy the fake one?

– which charities did you donate to and where is the evidence?

– do you have any project to help water shortage in Africa?

– what % is given to donations?

Please go to and you will find the answers to all of these questions there, in far greater detail than I could write here.

Q2 from telegram username @amozee77

When will Safe Earth token be listed on any exchange?

The Martian (i will NOT dm you first, if so it’s a scammer): We will list on BitMart. Target is the next 1-2 weeks.

Q3 from telegram username @cindy_crypto

How is it possible to distribute tokens to token holders? I mean if I hold your token and you distribute to the holders, will my tokens number increase?

SafeMars CEO (won’t DM first): The genius tokenomics uses the same tax mechanism to reward holders, feed the Earth Fund, pay for marketing, and drive deflation of the token’s supply, increasing its scarcity and thus its value. 1% of each transaction will go back to holders without any fees. (no gas fees)

Q4 from telegram username @Manugotsuka

⭕️ Considering that Safe Earth was made to help others, how do you generate your own profits to keep growing everyday ? In other words, who help you?

The Martian (i will NOT dm you first, if so it’s a scammer): 1% of each transaction goes towards a marketing fund. This helps us finance our work.

Q5 from telegram username @boradam

You told us there is SCAM SafeEarth token on BSC. I’m worried to buy the fake one. How can I find the real version?

The Martian (i will NOT dm you first, if so it’s a scammer): Always on

Q6 from telegram username @Ambbobb

You said another 1% of that goes towards the Earth Fund. What is Earth fund and its purpose?

The Martian (i will NOT dm you first, if so it’s a scammer): EarthFund is the name we gave our wallet which accrues 2% of taxes:

– 1% will go to donations

– 1% will be used for marketing and project development

Q7 from telegram username @Mamitabella

Your token has Burning about how often?

SafeMars CEO (won’t DM first): We burned over 50% of the total supply during our launch, sending these tokens to our black hole address. This address continues to receive its share of the 1% distributed to holders from each transaction, constantly removing more tokens from circulation. With no limit to this burn, the black hole continues to grow, ever-increasing the scarcity of SafeEarth.

Q8 from telegram username @JoanaZ

️ How do you select the charities that the platform R? There is needed pass a filter to prevent scammers?

The Martian (i will NOT dm you first, if so it’s a scammer): Good question. We sadly had A LOT of scammers trying to get donations. It’s sad, but true, that some people would scam money destined to save children or provide water to people not having access to it.

We check each charity and TALK TO THEM on the phone! During our last donation round we even had representatives from the charities join us live on telegram to share their mission.

Of course, none of thes checks is absolute, so we also rely on the community to help us out by suggesting legit charities to donate to in the first place and also checking the ones we chose.

Q9 from telegram username @KhaleesiTheCryptoLady

How will SafeEarth save our mother Earth from disasters created by humans? Do you support charities that aims to save mother Earth? 😊

SafeMars CEO (won’t DM first): This is the reason we exist 🙂 if you have any charities you would like us to support in the future that are aiming to help our planet, please do let us know! Saving the planet though investment.

Q10 from telegram username @Hukaeabc

Would you agree with everyone that community is everything? How important is the community to you? How can we collaborate or help you to develop the project?

The Martian (i will NOT dm you first, if so it’s a scammer): Yes, we completely agree. Both SafeEarth and SafeMars are community project. That is: there is a core team working on them, but we can’t do it alone, we need everyone’s help.

How can you help? There are many ways:

– you can spread the word about the project, what it does and what its mission is

– you can join our telegram channels and help with any ongoing events (such as votes in various places to make us known)

– you can research charities and suggest them to us

– if you’re a developer you can help with development (just today someone from the community launched an awesome WearOS clock face 😊)

– and of course any ideas you might have! Share with us, the team will help wherever we can.

Part 3 – Quiz Results

As usual, for the third part, Satoshi Club Team asked the chat 4 questions about the crypto project. A link to a Quiz form was sent into the chat.

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