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Crypto-games no longer surprise anyone today. And they are becoming a really good earner for people. But there are so many of them that you don’t really know which project to take up. Where can I find information about any game? Where I can trade coins from there? To these and not only these questions the answer is Spintop! It is a project which allows you to not only systematize crypto games, but also to interact with them through Spintop!

What is Spintop Network?

Spintop is a next generation blockchain gaming hub that allows players to exchange their tokens, NFTs and reviews. Spintop aims to guide, discuss and provide services through blockchain gaming. It aims to utilize the new tools of web3 to offer a comprehensive experience for players, traders and investors 

Spintop is a DeFi protocol largely built on top of Binance Smart Chain, which operates as a decentralised exchange using the Automated Market Maker (AMM) model. Our priority is to create a secure platform where users do not hesitate to deposit funds.

Spintop consists of four main products that work together in a social manner and are built around user profiles:


 A community-driven gaming guide in which games are accessed, listed, and filtered for tokenomics, ratings, smart chains, and development statuses. Games are also reviewed by both critics and users. 

This area will be designed specifically for gamers where they can;

Phase 1

  • Read detailed articles and analyses.
  • Follow peer reviews and comments imputed by the community.
  • Access games and project websites.
  • Access shortcuts to Spindex and Guild Maker if they are featured 

Phase 2

  • Use their minted personas to easily navigate the blockchain gaming ecosystem with trailers and screenshots of games. 
  • Earn rewards for their contribution.

Browse and Sorting

Games can be browsed and sorted for their:

  • Genres
  • Development statuses
  • Smart chains
  • Ratings
  • Market cap
  • Token price


 A decentralized exchange (Dex) where gaming tokens are pooled together to create liquidity, incentivizing yield farming. 

The Spindex will enable users to exchange/farm cryptocurrencies and NFT’s through its protocol. Spindex will prioritize its farms for projects on blockchain gaming. The SPIN Token will be the main element behind the Spindex decentralized platform; exchange commisions will be paid, and rewards from the liquidity pools will be distributed to the contributors with SPIN Tokens.

However, Spindex will offer a cross-chain platform in the future. You can find the estimated time for the implementation of a cross-chain platform in our roadmap. Polygon will be Spintop’s priority for the implementation of the cross-chain infrastructure.

 Guild Maker

Meeting grounds for play-to-earn sponsors and scholars. Sponsors can burn SPIN and create their own yield guilds, recruit scholars and compete with each other.

In Guild Maker, Spintop`s developpers aims to break these barriers by introducing the scholars (players) who are willing to play these games with the sponsors (NFT owners) who don’t have time to play the games with multiple assets.

The Guild Maker will act in a social manner with multiple guilds. The sponsors who allocate their assets to the guild pools will be the regulator of that specific guild while the scholars play the games by picking the needed items both from their individually allocated NFT’s and the NFT pool of their registered guild. The earnings of the scholars will be shared between the guild and the scholar with the higher percentage belonging to the scholar. The rest of the earnings will be distributed to the guild’s asset contributors and will be managed with smart contracts that are governed by the sponsors. The guilds will be competing in weekly raids, the most successful guilds and the best performing scholars will be rewarded by the Spintop Team. 

Spintop Team will be the first guild regulators until there are enough sponsors and scholars in the system. Later on, The Spintop guild will be disbanded to keep the competition fair.

NFT Marketplace:

 NFT marketplace will be the supply zone for the guilds, users and games where they will be listing their NFTs for sale or lending.

Built upon the concept outlined above, NFT Marketplace will be the main supply grounds for the guilds of the Guild Maker and the players. The guilds or the solo players will be selling, buying, or lending the items needed to complete their arsenal and teams by using the assets listed in Spintop Marketplace in the simplest way possible. 


SpinStarter is essentially a launchpad by its very nature. SpinStarter works as a complete tierless and permissionless system, so by design we lower the barriers of entry for everyone to provide equal pool weight for all contributors.

With the release of SpinStarter, the Spintop Network will complete its cycle to become an end-to-end blockchain game platform supporting pre-launch (SpinStarter-Gamepedia), launch (Gamepedia-Spindex) and post-launch (Guildmaker) game projects. -NFT Marketplace) stages. In addition, game projects and their tokens will be available in the Spintop ecosystem before their release, creating investment opportunities.

Spintop Network Token Economics

SPIN is the token of the Spintop ecosystem.

Contract Address 

BNB Chain: 0x6AA217312960A21aDbde1478DC8cBCf828110A67 Polygon: 0x35f80a39eeFe33D0dfD2aD2daa6aD6A9D472CEbd

Ticker: SPIN

Decimals: 18

Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP20), Polygon (AnyswapV6ERC20)

The SPIN token’s utility will be as follows:

  1. Burn it to create custom yield guilds.
  2. Burn it to wrap NFTs.
  3. Stake it to create a profile and apply for scholarships.
  4. Stake it in Spindex Pools to earn Spindex Partners’ tokens.
  5. Stake it in Spindex Pools to earn SPIN tokens.
  6. Stake it in Yield Farms to earn more SPIN tokens.
  7. Stake/Farm it to participate in SpinStarter IDOs & IGOs

Staking & Liquidity Farming: 39% of the tokens will be reserved for rewards such as yield farming and staking. As the SPIN’s main function is to incentivize liquidity provision for the Spindex and the In-Game Exchange Wallet, our largest allocation will distributed be accordingly. 

Tokens will be distributed per month linearly after the TGE for 60 months. 

Treasury: 30% of the total supply is reserved for the operations & development of the platforms. This budget will help us develop many extra functions for a healthy ecosystem, hire talented human resources, providing liquidity to CEXs, and adding initial inventory for Yield Academy. 

​Initially 0.05% will be unlocked, the rest will be vested per month linearly after the TGE for 36 months.

Marketing: 10% of the total supply is reserved for and spread the word for aggressive growth to reach Spintop’s high ambitions. 

​Initially 0.05% will be unlocked, the rest will be vested per month linearly after the TGE for 36 months.

Founders & Team: 12% of the total supply is reserved for the founders and team members. 

​3 months cliff, Monthly linear unlock over 24 months.

IDO: 3% of the total supply is reserved for our IDO. 20% of IDO Tokens will be unlocked after the IDO. The rest will be vested linearly for four months.

Seed Round: 2.5% of the total supply is reserved for seed round investors. 

14.28% of Seed Round Tokens will be unlocked at the TGE, the rest will be vested linearly for nine months.

Initial Liquidity: 1.5% of the total supply will be provided as initial liquidation to ensure balanced trade and acquisition of SPIN Tokens. 

​Locked for 3 years

Strategic Sale: 1% of the total supply is reserved for partners and influencers to launch Spintop further. 

10% of Strategic Sale Tokens will be unlocked after the IDO. The rest will be vested linearly for nine months.

Airdrop & Bounty program: 1% of the total supply will be used.

0.25% airdrop will take place one month after the IDO.

0.75% bounty programs that will be decided after TGE. Vesting monthly for six months.

Token Wallets







🧑🌾Staking & Liquidity Farming 


✈Airdrop & Bounty 


Spintop Network’s Development Team 

Sinan Gülfidan (CEO): Sinan is a creative engineer and a serial entrepreneur, specializing in system architecture and business management. He has founded multiple successful businesses in various industries, from telecommunication and fintech to e-commerce. He is a long-term crypto enthusiast and a dedicated gamer.

Batu Dal (CTO): Batu is a tech-oriented entrepreneur with vast experience in business model innovation and strategy setting. After founding multiple businesses in tech industry, he has undertaken the CIO role at his family business and has been working as a Product Manager in one of the new ventures that is innovating new housing solutions. Batu also manages a Web 3.0 agency that provides end-to-end encryption solutions, blockchain development and consultancy.

Alemşah Öztürk (CMO): Founder of the most awarded digital ad agency in Turkey, 4129 Grey. Has worked with prestigious brands for over 20 years. Honored by awards and invited juries at Cannes Lions, Clio, Eurobest, GoldenDrum, D&AD, Webby, NYC Festivals, and more. Acknowledged as entrepreneur and model angel investor of Turkey by current POTUS Joe Biden. Invested in several start-ups and mentoring young entrepreneurs. Board member of GREY Global Digital Council and Regional Creative Board. Author and also a columnist at Harvard  Business Review.

Kaan Kayabalı (CSO): Kaan is an award-winning serial entrepreneur and electronics engineer. Founded digital media, IoT, e-commerce, and mobile gaming businesses with over 500 employees across offices in Turkey, the US, UK, Dubai, Belgium, and Singapore. The US edition of the MIT Review chose Kaan as one of the top 10 Turkish innovators under 35. Also mentioned and covered several times by international magazines such as Forbes, Wired, GQ, etc.

Spintop Network’s Roadmap


Spintop will be of interest to a wide range of people. It is a project with a great future as it basically does several things: Spindex, Nft marketplace, Gamepadia, Spinstarter and Guild Maker! I’m strongly recommend you to visit link bellow and follow them. Lets see together how the future of cryptogaming becomes more comfortable for us because of such projects! 

Community and Social Channels

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