Project Overview: Space Misfits

If you want to take a trip to space, you first have to finish elementary school, then high school, and then you gogo university to specialize in any course that qualifies you to be an astronaut. If you don’t want to go through all of that, you could magically become a space satellite and get shot into space. The only downsides to the second idea are that borrowing Cinderella’s fairy godmother to work that sort of magic for you might be very expensive, and you might never get a chance to visit earth. You would just dangle in space staring at the asteroids and comets, and any other celestial body in view.

If exploring space sounds like something you’d love to do, or perhaps just something you are curious about, we know just the easiest way for you to experience space. It doesn’t require much, all you need is you and your computer; just a few clicks and you’ve launched right out of the universe, into the metaverse, and right into space!

Let’s introduce you to Space Misfits

Space Misfits is a 3D Multiplayer Space game powered by ENJIN Blockchain technology. It provides players with a desire to explore space with the chance to earn while being tremendously entertained and engaged.

The game generally has two versions: one PVE version that lets players explore space, mine asteroids, fight NPCs, build ships, repair/fuel their ships, and buy minerals on the market; and a PVP version which lets players explore space, mine asteroids, fight NPCs, build ships, maintain and repair their ships, and buy minerals on the market. The game is currently in a very simple alpha version that is being tested.

Players can essentially move ahead in the alpha version by buying blueprints from our store. Striker and Deathkiss Blueprint NFTs can be purchased.

Players can earn BITS (in-game currency) by doing a variety of things in the game. BITS can be earned by being a trader or hunting down NPC players. In the future, players will be able to swap their BITS for ERC20 tokens, which then can be sold in an exchange. Users can typically earn a variety of NFTs by playing Space Misfits and receiving in-game drops.

Space Misfits is a free-to-play game. Players can who are really in love with this game can easily purchase NFTs just to support and promote the game, however, nothing is required to gain access to this game. It is a perfectly free game. Don’t you like the sound of that? 

Game Story

The galaxy was hustling and bustling with life and activities until the Great Cataclysm! After the Great Cataclysm, the galaxy was swallowed by a great silence.

The citadels collapsed, the Galactic Alliances were destroyed, and the Heroes were defeated. The Unknowns had won, and the galaxy had quickly become theirs, or so they thought.

From the ruins, a rebel group known as The Orion Misfits took what little remained of their once glorious empire on The Kings Arc and founded their station in the galaxy’s far deep regions to reorganize, restore, and rebuild the long-lost empire.

It took two generations to build a self-sustaining empire capable of reclaiming the galaxy. They were finally prepared to jump back into their Space Agents suit after getting a distress call from a nearby system alerting them that unknown armies were approaching.

But the unknowns were not the only dangers they encountered in the galaxy’s depths. As internal conflicts arose, the survivors split into two factions.

The Alliance of the Suns is a fanatical group of Theistic Scientists led by High Priest Elen-Go, whom their followers regard as The Creator’s reincarnation. His Will is sovereign, and their captains ensure that it is followed. They are relic-obsessed and adhere to a strict set of rules. They’re on the hunt for the “Prisca Materia,” a relic thought to encapsulate the original seed of life…

The Coalition of Free Systems, a cohort of factions that got tired of The Alliance of the Sun’s oppression and absolutist views, decided to rebel from the coalition to create their own destiny. Because of the diversity of their perspectives and skills, what they have so little in organization, they make up for in the ability to adapt and adventure lust.

Both factions are currently at odds because they must coexist in order to be successful on BEREDEN. They have a consensual no-fight zone agreement on the King Station.

While the BEREDEN signal got stronger, a new faction emerged to warn of the potential threat of the unknown armies’ advance.

The Tuarek Brotherhood is a nomadic merchant faction that uses massive ships to make the journey through systems, gathering valuables for the trade guild. Star maps are very beneficial to them as they sail into an infinite universe looking for new trade posts; they stay impartial in most conflicts because they provide support to all factions.

Game Concepts


  • Season 1 – Survive

This season emphasizes each Misfit’s independent development, as they strive to survive, develop their own fleet, pilot the finest ships, and create primacy in current systems, as they advance to new goals and outcomes. To finish this season, the factions may have to work together to achieve a common goal before moving on to the next season.

  • Season 2 – Team-Up

The solar system is no longer a hostile environment, and it is even starting to grow! The Orion Misfits have chosen to make these systems hospitable eco-systems, making it a very profitable area for new and old visitors alike. The Misfits will have to band together to defend and secure their resources. Misfits will be rewarded with NFT rewards and prizes for participating in and winning player-generated events.

  • Season 3 – Discover

By this point, the seven systems have revealed themselves and have evolved into a thriving ecosystem that is expanding into the universe. It’s time for the Orion Misfits to spread out, and this season will allow for more space exploration and the discovery of new worlds via increased station and planetary interactions. This season will also allow for player vs. player interaction, as well as the further flow of game assets across the Metaverse.

Game Mechanics

The existing core concept of Space Misfit is broken down into the following gameplay mechanics, each with its own distinct style and tier of gameplay:

  • Space Flight and Dogfighting
  • Mining Minerals
  • NPC Hunting (PVE)
  • Player vs. Player (PVP)
  • Crafting and Building
  • Fleet Development
  • Crew Management
  • Job Management
  • Tactical Planning
  • Resource Management
  • Known and Unknown Space Exploration
  • Stations, Planets, and Large Ships Gameplay
  • First Person Shooter (FPS) Mode

Players will be able to unlock various scenarios through various perspectives and gameplay styles via these modes. Progression is a major focus of the game, which will necessitate bravery and risk-taking in order to maximize the outcome.

All players will bring their blockchain assets and begin as lone survivors, fighting for survival and attempting to advance to the status of more powerful and accomplished Misfit. Maybe you’ll be the first to build your own fleet and explore systems that no one else has dared to explore!

Tokenomics ($SMCW)

The primary token for Space Misfits is CROWNS with the ticker symbol $SMCW. It will serve as both a governance token and a prime in-game currency. Players will be able to use CROWN to buy and sell in-game items crafted from Blueprints in the player-to-player marketplace. CROWN is an ERC-20 token that has liquidity across multiple EVM-compatible chains. CROWN stakeholders will have control over the Space Misfits DAO. The DAO will be in charge of the treasury, which will be stocked with CROWN and JENJ created by user transactions. Prior to the token generation event (TGE), token distribution is prone to revision 

CROWN ($SMCW) will be launched on Ethereum and will be linked to Binance Smart Chain for cross-chain support. In the foreseeable future, coverage for other gas-efficient EVM compatible chains is planned. Crown tokens can be obtained by depositing CROWN into the game account via Metamask.

CROWN ($SMCW) will be allocated thus:

Play to Earn / Staking / Liquidity – 50%

Treasury – 10%

Space Misfits LLC – 15%

Advisors – 5%

Early Adopters – 3%

Private Sale – 10%

Seed Sale – 4%

Public Sale – 3%







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