The gaming industry is one of the fastest-growing market sector and prominent forms of entertainment. Statista data revealed that there are an estimated 3.2 billion gamers across the world in 2021, a figure that is projected to increase further this year. Similarly, the global game market revenue was estimated to be worth $178.2 billion in 2021 and it is expected to get to over $196 billion by the end of 2022.

The progression in technological advances has benefited the gaming industries, which has resulted in the improvement of the quality of gaming process and enhancement of visual experiences for players.

The gaming sector is dominated by centralized traditional gaming which happens on centralized platforms that house vast amount of data storage and owns all the in-game assets, be it skins, abilities or avatars. This puts gamers at a disadvantage since they are not in charge of in-game coins and money earned has no value outside the game. Also, money spent can be lost when the game server is down or compromised.

The adoption of blockchain technology and its decentralized models is seen as the solution to the gaming industry challenges. Blockchain gaming has provided a chance for players to be the true owners of in-game assets and offer monetization opportunity using various play-to-earn approach. The play-to-earn crypto sector is growing rapidly and according to Coinmarketcap, it has a combined market capitalization of over $15.7 billion. 

Despite the growth of blockchain games, majority of these games are either auto battler or boring card mining games, which make them unable to sustain users interest and longer period of play. They have not been able to fully replicate the immersive experience of traditional games because developers often prioritize the monetization component at the detriment of user interaction, visual quality, game setting, and various other factors that make players continuously glued to traditional games.

The ability to expand the idea of generating revenue and still be able to enjoy quality game experience led to the creation of MetaRun. MetaRun serves as bridge between the worlds of regular mobile gaming and Crypto NFT gaming. It is a mobile runner game that has been able to blend a play-to-earn system, addictive gameplay, and a competitive atmosphere that allow users to demonstrate their prowess and game talents. 

1. MetaRun – Endless Mobile Runner Game with NFT Assets

MetaRun is the world’s first P2E, PvE/PvP endless mobile runner game universe that empowers its players with fully customizable ownership of NFT assets. It leverages single and multiplayer runner mode with a play-to-earn component, a gateway to DeFi marketplace, a whole spectrum of crypto-features and NFT-backed finance. It offers addictive gameplay that capitalize on players’ skills which they can display in the competitive and fun game environment.

The game is fun, modern, dynamic, and reflects the true crypto spirit. MetaRun  maximizes the liquidity of digital assets and give users access to various new options while delivering a simple front-end user experience by gamifying various DeFi activities such as yield farming and staking on the platform. 

The game atmosphere offers a prodigious blend of traits from conventional games such as graphics and gameplay mechanics mixed with non-custodial smart-contracts-powered features such as NFT, DeFi, and Blockchain.

The goal of MetaRun which is similar to traditional runner games is for players to race on an obstacle courses or path filled with monsters, traps, and treasures. The game has levels, visual styles that are pleasing to the eye and diversified levels where game characters must jump over obstacles, slide under or dodge to survive. Interesting! Isn’t it?

2. MetaRun Gameplay Design, Mechanics and Racing Situations

A player needs a character to start a race which he can select from the list of available multiple characters. In addition, there are free characters which players can use to test the game without spending. They can be used to play in the PvE mode to earn some soft currency rewards. All characters have their unique strengths, weaknesses, skillsets, and fighting styles by default but a player canupgrade them using soft and hard currencies. 

The game levels are procedurally generated as players race along in the game and each game level is meticulously designed to provide distinctive visual styles that are attractive to the sight. You can earn in-game cash that can be used to purchase skills, powers, weapons, speed, and shields, among other things.

MetaRun has a chest system that allows players to purchase chest from the marketplace. Opening this chest can give a Character, Pet, Artifact, Soft or Hard currency. These chests come in various rarities and the higher the rarity you obtain, the better the content you get. Additionally, as you race along on the map, you will come across boosters and some other game items which you can use to better the stats of your Character for a better performance. Below are some game items that you will need and what they are used for.

Boosters: Boosters are game items that character can use to obtain a temporary boost or perform specific action. 

They are located in random places on the map in the form of a mystery box which player can receive by crossing the boxes. Upon opening the box, a player gets a random boost item which they can use instantaneously.

Pets: These are companions of characters that grant additional passive ability to players when they are equipped to a character before the race. They can help to increase the duration of the effects of boosters that are picked up during race.

Artifacts: Artifacts grant additional power that enhances character’s primary stats such as Maximum Health, Maximum Mana and Collision Damage. 

As you compete in the race either in PvP or PvE, you will encounter numerous opponents whose intention is to either damage you or deny you the opportunity to run the race successfully. These enemies could be static, moving, attacking and non-attacking. 

Static Obstacles

Dynamic Obstacles

Destructible Obstacles

Indestructible Obstacles

Also, there are obstacle objects that are planted in different places on the race path. They may be static, dynamic, destructible and indestructible. You can lose the race instantly if your abilities do not allow you to defeat enemies or bypass obstacles. However, you won’t have any reason to worry much since the game has in place several means that you can use to upgrade your ability to become tougher, stronger and defeat any opposing enemies that may cross your path.

3. Let’s Meet MetaRun Game Character

Characters are very important in MetaRun. They are the primary NFT items that you will maneuver as you run in the game. Each character is described using character attributes. Players can improve on the default character characteristics and appearance. This increases effectiveness as well as valuation of Characters on external market. The attributes of game characters are as follows:

Class – It determines the mode and purpose for which the character will be most effective. At the initial stage, the game has designed three Character Classes which are Craftsman, Fighter and Sprinter. Every Character Class starts at level 1 but the higher the character level, the higher the characteristics, and power of abilities, which provide users more chances of winning the game.

Characteristics – The characteristics of a character is a numerical representation of the character’s effectiveness. These characteristics are measured in terms of Health, Mana, Collision Damage and Maximal Speed. Players can obtain MANA on track as they race and it is used to activate active abilities or eliminate enemies.

Abilities – Characters have two types of abilities: Active abilities and Passive abilities. These abilities are the elements that help a character to achieve set goals. During gameplay, the active attributes are triggered by tapping on the screen whereas the passive abilities works all the time and it can also be activated when a player meet certain conditions. The annotated diagrams below present a summary of the initial 3 Character Classes and their abilities.

a) Fighter Class Active and Passive abilities

b)Sprinter Class Active and Passive Abilities

c)Craftsmen Class Active and Passive Abilities

Rarity – Each character class has 3 types of rarity which are Classic, Epic and Legendary. These rarities determine the power, ability and earning potential of a character. Heroes Characters with higher rarity will have more powerful abilities, characteristics and win/lose bonuses.

Skin rarity – This determines the cosmetic and visual effect of characters and also affects their maximum level, ability and OPAL earnings. As a player, if you are interested in the PvP battle mode, you will need to pay attention to your skin rarity. The higher the character’s skin rarity, the higher the OPAL earning battles. Here is a summary of the OPAL battle run limit:

4. MetaRun Game Modes

Users can play the MetaRun game solo, by themselves or they can compete with another player in the multiplayer set up. The game has two basic game modes which are the Endless-Run and Battle-Run.

The Endless-Run is the PvE game mode, in which players will need to advance as far as possible, passing obstacle and getting rid of monsters as they run along. Players can earn rewards by picking up GOLD from the ground, kill opponents and obtain SAPPHIRES and complete daily mission to get OPAL and other reward.

The Battle-Run is an entertaining multiplayer mode that involves multiple players who are aiming to outrun one another and battle to win. It features a competitive approach and it encourages user engagement, a practice that is absent in most blockchain games. All elements of the PvE are also present in the PvP.

In order to compete superiorly in the PvP mode, you will need to properly refine your skills and display mastery in the PvP modes. Player who emerges as winner by reaching the finish line before their opponents can earn rewards such as glory points and trophies DIAMOND. They can also pick up GOLD, SAPPHIRE and receive OPAL just as in PvE mode

5. Metarun Economy and Earning Opportunities

MetaRun game economy utilizes multiple currencies. The game’s economy is based on the in-game OPAL, which you earn by participating in matches, tournaments and earning ranked awards. You can utilize and obtain in-game currencies by completing daily missions and applying superior skills over other players in the PvP mode. 

In the previous section, I already stated that you can earn game currencies either by playing the endless-run or battle-run mode You can exchange your earned OPAL or use them to buy a Common or Epic Metarun chest. Furthermore, $MRUN can be used to upgrade heroes and stake; additionally, you can use $MRUN to purchase a limited edition super Metarun chest.

Apart from obtaining currencies as reward during game, users are able to further earn income by leasing their NFT characters to other using the revolutionary NFT leasing design that MetaRun has put in place. This has a potential of enhancing liquidity and providing further utility for users’ idle characters. You can lease out these NFTs for a limited time during which you will be able to claim back a percentage of its earnings when the renter use it to participate in races. Additionally, players can put their idle $MRUN to work by staking it and earn fixed juicing yield through MetaRun staking program. 

6. MetaRun Currency System and Tokenomics

$MRUN is the native MetaRun token and together with OPAL (the game virtual stablecoin), they are central to the sustainability of MetaRun game economy. MRUN is capped at 1 billion supply and its distribution is shown below:

There is a deflation and burning mechanism which causes $MRUN and OPAL to be burned when characters are being leveled up, abilities are being upgraded, purchase of battle pass or tickets for special events. Also, activities on the marketplace and other in-game operations such as formation of clans by players require these tokens, out of which a portion of the paid token is burned. Since these activities are always in continuous demand during games, it therefore means that token deflationary status will always be sustained, an action that will better their values in the long run.

Apart from the native token, there are four type of in-game currencies in MetaRun which are GOLD (Used to increase the level of a character), SAPPHIRE (used to increase the level of passive ability), DIAMOND (used to increase the level of active ability and pet’s level) and OPAL. The in-game currencies are grouped based on classes into  Soft currency and Hard Currency.



Soft currencies include GOLD, SAPPHIRE and DIAMOND. They are used in game and cannot be traded into MRUN. Hard Currencies are obtained in the game and it can redeem for the game native token which is MRUN. There is only one Hard currency which is OPAL. As I mentioned earlier, OPAL is important just like $MRUN and it is needed for: 

  • Character-level upgrades. 
  • Rejoining the race from the last point immediately and gain extra life in an endless run (PvE). 
  • Leveling the milestone level of the active and passive abilities. 
  • Buying visual skin upgrades. 
  • Purchase items in the in-game store. 
  • Acquiring premium NFTs from the Marketplace. 
  • Acquiring tickets for special events and tournaments 

7. Closing thoughts

MetaRun is a game that has fully utilize the sovereignty and true ownership of game assets using the instrumentation of blockchain, to provide  users with a fun play-to-earn runner game that is different from the usual rhythm of boring game template, as witnessed in some other crypto games. It has been able to blend regular mobile gaming and Crypto NFT gaming perfectly and supplies an addictive mobile runner game that features cool graphics, smooth gameplay and a complete crypto economy that is anchored on NFT digital assets.  

Users can play and level up their NFT characters in several play modes, while earning both in-game token incentives and other financial assets that can be monetized for real profits. User can as well put their idle assets to work and earn more reward through staking or participation in NFT leasing.

Just like the game, which is an endless running game, your earning opportunities in MetaRun are endless and limitless, as you will be able to earn consistently by displaying a well-crafted application of gaming talents and skills.  

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