As everyone can see the world is going to be “green”. More and more people are replacing ordinary cars with electric cars, and the use of rechargeable batteries is becoming more commonplace. So that investment into green energy comes more and more popular and important to take more income. But there is a question that comes to mind “How to invest so that it was profitable and did not bring collapse?” So, what do you think about if it is possible to invest in crypto and lithium-ion battery at the same time? Why is it more optional then just invest into random green energy companies? Let’s try to understand.   

1.How Does it Work?

The LibCoin token is supported by green investments into gigafactories of Lithium-ion battery. The capital raised with the $LIB token will be invested into the construction of a lithium-ion Gigafactory. The factory is to be built with partner Avass. In India, a 30 GWh production plant should be established based on the indisputable Avass cellular technology.

To minimize the time to market and allow for timely development of the Gigafactory, the LIB token functions will be rolled out in two stages. The base model including the burn-and-mint setup, as well as partner distribution, is active from launch. More advanced governance and staking functions are projected to be launched within 2 years.

So, why would you buy LibCoin token? It will offer exposure to investments that usually would not be accessible to crypto retail investors so you’ll be able to own a stake in for instance one of its projects is to build a Gigafactory in India.

LibCoin will launch a stacking feature that will allow token holders to block their LIB tokens to participate in management and receive a proportionate amount of staking rewards. The LIB limit is 500 million tokens. The issuance of new tokens will be proposed only by the LibCoin Fund and after consideration of the decisions of the owners of the tokens by voting.


Q4 2021

  • Pre-Sales Complete

Q4 2021/2022

  • Initial Push
  • Pre-Launch
  • Marketing & PRs

Q1 2022

  • Exchange Listings

Q2 2022

  • Gigafactory Groundbreaking

Q3 2022

  • Libcoin Token Governance Phase 1

Q4 2022

Libcoin Token Governance Phase 2

3.LibCoin team

The background of LibCoin is a group of experienced banking executives and companies in the energy industry and they are doing a series of investments into green energy and climate change-oriented projects specially in battery manufacturing lithium-ion batteries which is also what $LIB stands for and they have come together and started this project to fundraiser, to help fund some of these investments.

So, the background of LibCoin is a group of experienced banking executives and companies in the energy industry and they are doing a series of investments into green energy and climate change-oriented projects specially in battery manufacturing lithium-ion batteries.


Libcoin’s partners Avass and the Duggal Family Trust make it a prime player and very well-positioned in the market for production of lithium-ion batteries in India.


  Libcoin has established a technical partnership with Certik.  Founded in 2018, Certik is a pioneer in blockchain security, using best-in-class artificial intelligence technology to protect and monitor blockchain protocols and smart contracts.  Starting with the blockchain, CertiK applies cutting-edge innovations from academia to enterprise, creating critical applications with security and integrity.

  Edge & Pace

  In partnership with cryptocurrency and tokenomics experts, Libcoin has gained experience from Edge & Pace, a reputable independent blockchain and cryptocurrency consulting firm.  Their founder, Ian, is an affiliated advisor to Outlier Ventures and uses his extensive experience and knowledge of blockchain projects to support clients in successfully positioning their businesses.


  To have legal knowledge and compliance, Libcoin works with KPMG International, the world’s third-largest accounting firm.  Headquartered in the Netherlands, KPMG provides accounting, consulting, tax and legal services, financial advice and guarantee services in more than 820 locations.  KPMG member firms operate in more than 159 countries around the world.


  To provide legal advice on its projects, Libcoin turned to Denton, which has a reputation and experience in advising many of the most reputable crypto projects.

  Momentum 6

  Libcoin has approached Momentum6, one of the most well-known and well-known crypto marketing and PR agencies, to expand its reach and promote its technology around sustainable cryptocurrencies.  They have a wide portfolio of projects, including the Harmony Network, and use their experience to position projects in the market for growth and success.  Momentum6 was involved to accelerate and launch Libcoin’s presence in the crypto space.

5.LibCoin Tokenomics

15% of the total tokens will be distributed within the initial exchange offer (IEO) through one or more established cryptocurrency launch pads.

To prevent LIB from being sold to strategic investors to the detriment of the initial public offering shortly after launch, 7.86% of the token offer is sold to these investors at a discount inversely proportional to the eligibility schedules to which these long-term investors commit.

Total Supply of tokens: 500,000,000

IEO: Q2 2022

% IEO Supply: 25%

Public sale of valuation: 100,000,000

Initial circulating supply: 18.8%

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