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We are in more of the stone age!

We live in a digital world; wherever we turn we come face to face with real-life examples of technological development fulfilling human needs. Over the years, we have seen the advent of new kinds of technologies, and it appears that chief of all was the creation of web 3. Blockchain technology has indeed made our lives easier in many respects. It has influenced the way we interact, transact, and carry out daily activities. 

Blockchain technology is the emergence of the future for all of us. Little wonder there is a high need and demand for the cryptocurrency world in Indonesia. A need that led to the creation of the Kunci Coin. KunciCoin was created to meet the needs of the Indonesian industry because much potential was seen in the industry.

What is KunciCoin?

KunciCoin has a fixed supply of 100 billion coins. It can be transferred and exchanged, and can also be used in providing diverse services. KunciCoin picked the open-source Solana as its coin’s base for several motivating factors, including its high speed and low congestion, which results in very low fees.

KunciCoin is one of the world’s fastest programmable blockchains. It is capable of processing more than 50,000 transactions per second. According to one developer, as the network grows, transaction speeds could reach 700,000 per second. This is far superior to Ethereum, which as of now handles between 15 and 45 transactions per second.

Kunci, like Ethereum, is a cryptocurrency and a versatile tool for running crypto applications ranging from degenerates to the decentralized exchange Serum (or DEX). The biggest distinction is speed; Kunci can process just about 50,000 transactions per second, whereas Ethereum can only process 15 or less (the ETH 2 upgrade, which is currently in progress, is intended to make Ethereum much faster than what it is currently.).

Kunci’s operational reliability sets it apart from the competition. It is  Developed on Blockchain with advanced algorithms known as Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-History.

Kunci will be extremely fast and low-cost, as well as sensor-resistant. This implies that the network will stay open, allowing applications to run freely and ensuring that transactions are never aborted. The Kunci mainnet is nearly complete, therefore in Q4 2021, Kunci Coin will list tokens in the BSC, Ethereum, Solana, and Tron ecosystems.

Kunci Coin Utilities

Crypto Mining

Crypto-mining is the process of using computing power to authenticate cryptocurrency transactions on the Blockchain. Verifiers (miners) will receive cryptocurrency coins according to the coins getting mined, such as a database server. Mining profits can be exchanged for any cryptocurrency. Creating a RIG allows you to mine cryptocurrency. Profits can be made from RIG sales and/or mining results.

Kunci Games

KunciGames offers AAA games that can be played on a personal computer (PC), with in-game transactions using the KunciCoin. Kunci which means Key in English is a word that has many different meanings. As we know, a key’s job is to unlock certain objects or secrets.

KunciGames aims to unlock FUN by recognizing the possibility of encouraging local Indonesian game developers and publishing some intriguing MMORPG titles from around the world.

KunciGames works with local developers to expand their game universe, as well as international publishing partners for MMORPG titles.

NFT Marketplace

Kunci will offer a platform for displaying and trading NFT. The NFT marketplace enables digital collectors to exchange and create their own NFT tokens to symbolize full control of unique assets or items, both real and virtual (digital).

Staking Platform

The KunciCoins team will create a mobile platform with a staking mechanism that will reward KunciCoin holders with KunciCoins and other derivative tokens. Staking KunciCoin helps users fully unlock rewards associated with the utility they hope to develop. Users also get to earn KunciCoins in return, in addition to attempting to absorb the circulation of KunciCoin. The staking platform KunciCoin hopes to create is very similar to platforms like Pancakeswap, Apeswap, etc.


One of Kunci’s main products is CryptoKun. CryptoKun is Indonesia’s finest crypto exchange platform for crypto asset transactions and trading. Using CryptoKun is as simple as opening the app. Its KYC system and the process are quick and simple. All withdrawals are linked to the user’s preferred bank account.

Meet the Brains Behind Kunci Coin


Phase 0: Establishment of The Kunci MAINET Ecosystem (Q1Q2 2021)

Kunci completed the ecosystem’s formation in Phase 0 by launching Kunci’s Blockchain (Mainnet). The Kunci Mainnet on its own provides opportunities for both Indonesian and international blockchain companies looking to expand their markets in Indonesia.

Phase 1: Project Initiation and Token Sale (Q4 2021)

Kunci will list tokens using BSC, ERC20, Solana, and TRC20 tokens after the Kunci mainnet ecosystem is established in Q4 2021.

Phase 2: Launch of Kunci Exchange in Indonesia (Q1 2022)

The Kunci Exchange will be completely operational and accessible to users during this time. Kunci Exchange’s goal is to attract new users and token holders, as well as educate them on how to buy, sell, and stake digital currencies in Indonesia.

Phase 3: Mainnet Business Expansion (Q3 2022)

During this phase, Kunci could perhaps concentrate on the Indonesian market as an Indonesian Open Blockchain, assisting many businesses with tokenization and blockchain education.

Phase 4: Business Expansion into Asia (Q1 2023)

Kunci is expected to have demonstrated its profitable business model and acquired considerable momentum in the domestic market during this phase. Kuala Lumpur, Ho Chi Minh City, Seoul, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Dubai, and Singapore are among the major cities or business centers where they will expand.

Phase 5: Business Expansion Outside Asia (Q3 2023)

During this time, Kunci will concentrate on and penetrate markets outside Asia, such as Europe, South America, and Africa, which are the populous countries that embrace cryptocurrencies.


KunciCoin has a total supply of 100,000,000,000 (100 billion). 

50,000,000,000 Kunci (50 Billion Kunci) is released on the network but only 3 Billion will be circulating supply.  50,000,000,000 Kunci (50 Billion) will be used for staking and release only 8% in a year. Only 3,000,000,000 Kunci (3 Billion) will be released for sale during the Private Sales. Burns will be carried out periodically to reduce the supply of KunciCoins. Developers will lock KunciCoins other than 3 billion sold in a private sale, to early believers.

Use of funds

The token sale proceeds will go toward the advancement, promotion, and expansion of a novel decentralized ecosystem. The following are the preliminary allocations, which are prone to revision:

Product Development: 40%. This includes smart contracts, wallets, SDKs, plugins, and other updates, as well as the creation and management of Kunci-related technologies. This will also entail the hiring of additional employees.

Marketing: 30%. This will be used to encourage Kunci adoption through branding, promotional events, fundraising, and other marketing activities.

Partnerships: 15%. This will be used to build alliances and draw users to Kunci Coin’s decentralized ecosystem.

General and Administrative: 15%. This includes costs and expenses, utilities, insurance, and employee wages, among others.

Kunci Coin Communities




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