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We’re not galloping through our words when we say horse racing is a great sport. Have you ever ridden a horse before? What was it like?

If you’ve ridden a horse at a full gallop, you’ll agree that you’ve probably not felt as much adrenaline rush like you did while you burst through the wind with your horse under you. Some liken sitting on a galloping horse to floating in the air; you just have to hold on tight and enjoy the magic while you blow through the wind.

When riding a galloping horse, you hear it’s hoof strike the ground and you feel the rhythm of it’s pace, and despite the myriad of activities, you’re still in control. Staying in control of such energetic and thrilling exercise makes it even more fun and exciting hee-haw!

If riding a physical horse can be so much fun, have you thought of what riding a virtual horse could be like. This time, you don’t just ride for fun, but you ride to earn also. You can achieve that and much more with DeFi Horse. Want to know more about it? No need to move along at a snail’s gallop, come along, let’s learn all about it!

Welcome to the HorseVerse!

Welcome to the wild part of the metaverse where wild but tamed mammals offer themselves up for some bewildering metaverse sport. DeFi horse is a metaverse based electronic sport game that is built with Blockchain technology and NFTs. It’s more than just a game, it is an endless race that enables the players and creators to get to the next level of the horse race. You want to be stuck racing horses and proving yourself a winner over and over again? This is the game you should be checking out right now.

DeFi Horse has amazing features that could keep you glued to the metaverse for a lifetime, and these features are constantly being upgraded for a better experience.

Meet the Four Bloodlines

On DeFi horse, you get to choose any of 4 race horses: Chaos, Titan, Poseidon, and Heroic. Let’s learn a little about these speed horses.


It’s name might by suggestive of a horse who causes trouble. In many ways this is true, because your other players know they are in trouble when they see Chaos on the race track.

Being the ancestors of horses, born from the big bang, Chaos is the rarest horse bloodline in DeFi horse — the Race of Ragnarok. Its body is made of constellations and with every gallop, a new Galaxy is birth. With hair which shines like the northern lights, Chaos is such a beauty.

The rate of raising this race or bloodline is quite high, even reaching parts per million. Children of chaos have a high value and inherit many abilities from their parents. They are of high value.


It might be called Titan but it’s no teenager with super powers, it is a super horse with amazing powers. According to the DeFi Horse legend, Titan was created by “the gods” during the creation of the world. Its body is made up of elements in nature, which is quite obvious just looking at it’s skin; the coat colour represents each element

It is one of the most sought after horses owing to its moderate rarity, good market liquidity, and higher raising rate. Titan is indeed a horse that is one with nature becuase wherever it went, rivers, mountains and sky were formed.


Poseidons came from Titans who stayed on earth after the creation of the world and breed. Each Poseidon have different characteristics and have dominance is certain regions. Some members of this breed of horses can control the ocean, some can create and control thunder. Poseidon is loved by many players because of it’s different colors and attributes


Meet the most popular horse in what would be DeFi Horse’s HorseVerse – the Heroic. If you’re looking for the most used horse in the HorseVerse, here you go. It is carefully chosen because of its appearance, muscle an health. Heroics are easy to trade, highly liquid and quite easy to cross breed.

Now you know the horses of the metaverse, let’s gallop down to more exciting features of this Binance Smart Chain game.

Race Stage

DeFi’s HorseVerse allows players to own horses, own lands, create your own horse race and invite friends, grow stud farms, breed horses or trade valuable assets. There four stages of race, they are: Horse racing, Horse Breeding, Growing stud farms, and Land owning. All these stages are very important to have a great race and earn substantial rewards as you play. You’ll agree already that DeFi Horse is a great addition to the metaverse world.


Genotypes show how far down the lineage (or family tree) a horse is from its first progenitors. Horses with a Z1 genotype are very scare and have the highest chances of producing a super efficient racehorse. The higher the genotype number of a horse is, the less stronger it’ll be. For instance Z159 is stronger than a Z250.

Breed Types

DeFi Horse made it easy for players to identify the super horses by creating a classification method called Breeding Types. So you see, DeFi Horse is concerned about giving their players a spectacular experience on the HorseVerse. There are typically 6 Breed Types: Mythic, Legendary, Ascended, Elite, Evolution, and Popular.

Ascended racehorses (G1-G10) are the perfect breed and can not be recreated. The Ascended racehorse breed is sold by DefiHorse and is beneficial in identifying a racehorse’s racing abilities. That is to say that, if you want to own a top- performing horse on the metaverse, you should look at breeding with a male Ascended racehorse. However, this comes with a greater breeding fee.

Market Place

DeFi Horse is a metaverse game and the HorseVerse is filled with Non-fungible Tokens, or NFTs, players can purchase and trade in-game and on any other NFT marketplace. Players have full control of NFTs and DeFi Horse Tokens they own and these are stored in a separate wallet.

Players can choose to race with either NFT horses or horses bred for race. The horses can then be sold at a fixed price or at auction.

Road Map

Key Metrics

DeFi Horse’s primary utility token and game currency is the DeFiHorse with the ticker $DFH. It is built on the BEP 20  Binance Smart Chain. It is a fungible token that is used by payers to contest, gather, breed their horses, build and monetize their rewards on the Binance Smart Chain. The total supply of $DFH is 668,000,000 and it’s current circulating supply is 6,923,077.

Token Allocation

Token Sale

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