Project Overview: Creator Platform ($CTR)

As most experienced cryptogoers know, the crypto land is a place of paradigmatic innovation and continuous rupture with existing Web2.0 models and schemes. 

One of the most innovative concepts in the space is the notion of “Blockchain-as-a-Service”. 

The Blockchain as a Service (or BaaS) allows users (developers and developing teams) to take advantage of cloud solutions to create, host, and utilize their DApps, Smart Contracts, and features on the blockchain while the cloud service provider handles all the tasks and activities that are necessary to maintain a fast-operating and well-operational infrastructure.

This is an interesting contribution to the development of the blockchain ecosystem that is indirectly contributing to its adoption among enterprises and works, in a way, similarly to the “Software-as-a-Service” concept model (SaaS). Individuals and enterprises are every day more prone to adapt to blockchain technology, but the hurdles represented by the technical complexities and the operational expenses involved in the creation, configuration, and management of blockchain turn out to be a disincentive for mass adoption.

That is why some startups are now offering a practicable solution to this issue with the model of Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) and that’s where Creator Platform comes into play as one of the pioneers and leading protocols in the BaaS niche, having struck several notable partnerships – SafeLaunch, MoonStarter, Exnetwork Krystal, Satoshi Club – and gaining the attention of some among the most renowned investor names in the cryptoverse – Kardia Ventures, Master Ventures, Oddiyana Ventures – while also growing the list of prominent backers.

So what is the Creator Platform and what does Creator offer to its stakeholders? Let us find out together in this article!

1. What is Creator Platform?

We will start gradually and then flesh out all the relevant details by addressing the first question in the paragraph’s headline: what is Creator Platform? In order to answer it, a small digression on what could be called “contemporary NFT history” is necessary. 

We have seen unfolding – in the past weeks and months – a decisive transformation in the cryptocurrency market, as the NFT wave surged and soared to new, unparalleled heights. Art collectors, artists, and major crypto players around the globe raced and rallied to participate in what’s now commonly labeled as “the NFT game”, with millions of dollars being poured into the market to buy collectibles and items represented by Non-Fungible tokens.

And that’s where Creator Chain almost perfectly chimes in. Born with the mission to empower anybody with business concepts, products, and ideas to tokenize, Creator provides services & options to help quickly and easily convert these products and ideas to blockchain format and the blockchain network with negligible costs.

Business sectors such as digital content, gaming, entertainment already lend themselves  (from the very early phases) to be fully supported by Creator, while in the future almost any industry could potentially enjoy the perks that prime, top-notch services like “No Code Smart Contract” and “Low Code DApps” offer – all integrated on-chain, enabled by the power of machine learning, AI and RPA and capable of driving the digital transformation and automatization paradigm in any business sector. 

So now, getting back to the question above… what is Creator Platform in essence? 

In concise words, Creator Platform is a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform that provides 

  • No Code Smart Contract
  • Low Code DApp
  • and other services 

to empower the DeFi and the NFT world.

Based on the Polkadot/Substrate layer for inter-chain compatibility and operability, Creator Platform boasts a hyper-friendly and intuitive UI, user-driven network governance, and a plurality of richly enhanced, customizable services. 

Creator Platform allows any developer (and developing team) to kickstart and deploy a Smart Contract or Decentralized App with just a few clicks, by simply filling in some initial information, without the need for any specialized, technical IT skill or expertise. 

Also, by providing full-fit, optimized services each stakeholder on the Creator Platform – either “Sellers” or “Developers” –  will be able to focus on their respective business:

  • There are “Sellers” or Creators – this includes individuals, teams, or even companies that create or invent NFTs. Many Creators are aware of the difficulties and the poor customer service experiences that are common when purchasing an NFT. Sometimes users are reluctant to proceed with their purchases due to previous bad experiences and a lack of trust towards little-known crypto platforms. By employing the Creator Platform and thanks to its plethora of built-in services, non-IT users will enjoy the best experience using an NFT marketplace in terms of creating their very own store.
  • There are also Developers, who have gone through the “ordeal” of having to learn from scratch a new blockchain language and syntax, having to pay a tedious fee for deploying their application on the blockchain only to discover, in the end, that their product is still on the low-end of the performance spectrum after despite all the effort profused. By using the Creator Platform, developers can create Dapps with reduced processing times, low fees, and via a convenient development process – and the plus is that no blockchain skills are required.

And that’s how Creator Chain tries to achieve its main goal: making Blockchain-as-a-Service accessible to everyone.

2. The Team Behind Creator Chain

Creator was launched in May 2021 and co-founded by industry veterans Tony Tran, Vivian, Chin Ngo, and Leo Pham. 

The whole management team at Creator boasts an outstanding pedigree: 

  • Tony Tran is the CEO of Creator Chain, with reportedly over 15 years of experience in the IT services industry, extensive know-how in the fields of eCommerce, WebDev, Blockchain tech, and an impressive track record of driving digital transformation for enterprises in Vietnam.
  • Vivian is the CMO at Creator, successfully operating as a marketing specialist throughout the world for more than 8 years with key areas of focus being the USA, Japan, and Vietnam. 
  • Chin Ngo is the CTO of the V2B Lab and technical leader of VMO AI. His curriculum vitae showcases over 15 years working in the top 3rd IT company in Vietnam. He has been working in the role of a blockchain developer at the top 8th outsourcing IT company for over 5 years and has successfully led (and still leads) many projects based on different platforms such as Etherum, HyperLedger, and Polkadot. His focus and responsibility at Creator are in the development of strategies and policies required for creating, planning, implementing, and integrating the strategic direction of V-Lab.
  • Leo Pham is the Co-Founder of VIC GROUP & Co-Founder Megala Ventures and the Former CMO of VBC. With more than 5 years of strategic partnership development experience over 3 years in the blockchain field, helping in user development of 30+ blockchain projects. He is the COO at Creator.

Since its inception, the company has been growing steadily in its ranks (according to the team page there are more than 20 professionals working on Creator Chain), a rapid growth that, by itself, already signals its potential as a project worthy of being kept under the magnifying glass.

3. Creator Chain Main Features

As stated in the earlier section, the Creator chain is based on the Polkadot/Substrate (Substrate is the “backbone” that powers Polkadot, a next-generation, heterogeneous, multi-chain network) allowing for interoperability, user-focused and user-driven network governance, as well as customizations focused on Smart Contracts and DeFi.

The Creator Platform User Interface provides a web application, aimed at end-users, which allows users to conveniently interact with the BaaS layer.

The “value package” offered by the Creator’s Platform includes several main services:

  • No Code Smart Contract

This is a feature that allows for multi-programming language support while also making it possible for any developer to readily and effortlessly create, build, test, and also deploy Smart Contracts that are EVM-compatible, without the need to possess any specific blockchain competence or skill. 

  • Low Code DApp

The “Low Code DApp” service consists of a production-readied web app that fully encompasses audited smart contracts, API, as well as built-in, incorporated storage, payments, and loyalty features.

  • Loyalty Cross-Chain

The Loyalty Cross-Chain service opens up to the possibility of activating on-chain loyalty programs, bringing forth several advantages in terms of minimized deployment costs and transaction fees, reduced go-live time, cross-organization redemption, and a positive, customer-friendly user experience.

  • DeFi Service

The DeFi Service is designed to allow easy payments, transactions, and the exchange of loyalty assets.

  • and – of course – Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)

BaaS aligns with Creator’s focus and mission, which are represented by the products and business lines tied to NFTs. The main goal here is to create a playground to drive the creation of new projects and tokens, favoring the birth of innovative services and new products in various business fields (entertainment, education, finance, etc…).

By utilizing Creator’s multi-service platform, even non-crypto savvies and non-IT customers will be able to enjoy a smooth, natural, and extremely user-friendly experience when it comes to creating, for example, their own, customized store. 

Developers are also aided in their tasks in a way that makes development effortless and efficient, saving them time and resources in the process.

When compared with traditional development processes, using the Creator Platform allows developers to create Decentralized Applications in a fraction of the time and of the costs, enjoying unprecedented ease and convenience during development, especially as no blockchain knowledge/competence is required.

4. Tokenomics ($CTR)

Following a double announcement in the past weeks, the Creator project is launching its own flagship token ($CTR), with a double IDO on Paid Ignition and MoonStarter, both on September 8th, at 11 AM UTC and 1 PM UTC, respectively.

The double IDO will represent the lift-off event for $CTR’s anticipating its official listing and TGE, on the same day, at 4 pm UTC on Uniswap.

So what will be the main purpose of $CTR? What will be its main features?

The Creator token will serve several utilities in the Creator ecosystem:

  • CTR be used to pay fees, as the main currency for the underlying Blockchain-as-a-Service infrastructure and for any transactions that will occur on the Creator platform.
  • Owners of the token will be able to use CTR to buy NFTs in the marketplace or to increase their “members rank” and reap more benefits in the ecosystem. CTR will also be interchangeable for loyalty points, gifts, vouchers, and/or parachain rewards.
  • CTR will also be swap-compatible with any other token through the DeFi protocol, being cross chain-compatible and interoperable with other chains (e.g. Ethereum, Polkadot, Binance).
  • CTR will also be stakeable via the Creator platform in exchange for staking rewards
  • Finally, and following the core team’s latest disclosures, the Creator project will be the first in a series of future projects in the Creator Chain ecosystem. As such, CTR will play a pivotal role (and yield potential benefits and rewards) in the yet-to-be-announced, upcoming projects as well.

To complete the picture, here are the tokenomics and allocation infographics for the CTR token:

The total supply will be 150,000,000 CTR (allocated as shown in the picture above), with a fixed allocation of 3,000,000 CTR tokens to purchase for holders at a fixed price of $0.1 for the PAID Ignition IDO and a fixed allocation of 1,000,000 CTR tokens on the Moonstarter Launchpad for purchase at a fixed price of $0.1.

5. Roadmap

Just as outlined in the Roadmap, the Creator team has recently finished implementing the testnet (and for the curious ones, here’s the link to the Creator testnet). Users can already experiment with the block explorer web application and its main features, including test accounts’ balances, transfers, staking, developers contracts, RPC, extrinsics, and much more.

The end of Q3 will then mark the release and inception of the Staking feature, thus enabling users to earn from holding onto their tokens.

In addition, next in line will be the launch of the Liquidity Mining program on Kyber DMM. 

More news will be announced in the coming days/weeks.

6. Conclusion

Creator Platform is a protocol whose scope is ambitious, potentially revolutionary … and yet so much needed in the crypto space. Its tremendous potential lies in its capacity to deliver on its promises and vision to the (big) market segments it is targeting: that means practically anyone that owns products and ideas and that wants to easily and quickly upload them to the blockchain network with a small economic cost and no technical hindrances.

It is easy to see – if successfully accomplished – how the value proposition that Creator wants to bring to the table is immense, especially when considering that, in the not-so-distant future, services like “No Code Smart Contract” and “Low Code DApp” could attract a plethora of users (again, individuals, developing teams and firms) coming not just from crypto but also from the canonical Web 2.0 realm.

As a result, the BaaS offered by Creator Chain could become the preferred gateway for these stakeholders (especially enterprises) to leverage the power of blockchain.

Whether this trend will find fulfillment in months’ time or years, only time will tell – but with a strong team core and foundation and the promising idea of a decentralized framework, Creator has some good chances to become a pioneering leader in the production & operation of solutions for the BaaS industry.

7. Community and Social Channels (as of September 1rst, 2021)

Creator Chain’s Website

For everything you need to know about Creator Chain, visit the official Creator Chain Website.

Creator Chain’s Telegram

Join the conversation on Telegram to stay in the know about Creator Chain. 

Creator Chain’s Medium

To keep up with the latest updates from Creator Chain, follow them on Medium.

Creator Chain’s TwitterGet in touch and social with other members of Creator Chain’s community. Join the community on Twitter.

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