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How would you love to rule a kingdom? Become a king? Walk around with a crown and staff and bear the title Chief or Royal Highness?

We can not deny that at one point in our lives we’ve felt like we were on top of the world and were very important persons. Now, imagine you actually had all that glory and bliss of pure royalty and someone comes and snatches it away from you. It’d hurt pretty much, you’d agree. It takes a lot to lead a family, talk more about an entire kingdom, so it’d really sting to see everything vanish before your very eyes.

Believe it or not, this is where the real show of strength begins. Would you put your head down and accept defeat, or will you get your pet, your arrows, and your sword ready to go and fight for what’s yours?

If you would rather fight than run, the metaverse has gifted you with a beautiful gift, a story of a warrior as yourself; a warrior with a strategy, a pet, a bow, arrows, and other weapons, set out to retrieve a stolen kingdom. We’re talking about Arker: The Legend of Ohm. Read on if you want to learn more about this blockchain masterpiece.

What is Arker?

Arker is one of those selfish games that’d glue you to your gadgets and not let you go for the entire day. It is an interesting game with an interesting back story. Arker presents you with an opportunity to be a local superhero and ruler (even if it’s just virtual). This game puts you in the role of controlling a local hero with a pet mammal in order to take back control of the kingdom of Ohm.

In Arker you could learn one or two about leadership as it’s not always about you, but about protecting your clan. To defeat the enemy, you will be a part of a clan that will stick with you and fights with you. The nasty enemy will always try to defeat you but with the right strategy, weapons, and leadership, you’ll definitely raze your enemies to the ground.

Arker is a fast-paced game inspired by mythical Korean games. Not only will it be entertaining, but it will also allow you to enjoy moments with friends and earn fantastic rewards. The Arker model is centered on “play to earn,” which means you’ll be able to gain items that may be traded in the marketplace, allowing you to earn money. As a player, you can obtain rewards through 5 primary ways. Let’s check them out:

  1. Competing against other players to earn FoA tokens.
  2. Playing PVE to earn rewards or in-game items that can be sold in the marketplace.
  3. Carrying out daily missions.
  4. Fighting in the guild war.
  5. Organizing special events.

The Arker team has a vision to build a new play2earn, RPG system that will be beneficial to anyone in the world. You can even enjoy the amazing benefit of getting financial rewards. You also get to share, collaborate and have a huge amount of fun by playing the game.

Daily missions will be available for players to earn FoA tokens for no cost. To do so, people must log in every day and play a game versus artificial intelligence (free). Players will be able to earn daily reward tokens as a result of this. Additionally, the player will receive additional tokens if they play 10 human / human PVP games.

You’re in for an unforgettable experience in Ohm in Arker: The Legend of Ohm. Here are more amazing features of the legendary game:


There are presently two battle modes in the game

1.Battle – Normal PVP

To compete in this mode, it is important to purchase a ticket that is equivalent to the cost of a certain amount of FoA tokens. Other users with another ticket can join your battle and compete with you. As a prize, the winner receives FoA tokens, gold, and experience. Losers are rewarded with experience and gold.


This battle mode allows you to showdown and show off. You get to fight a clone of your character to obtain experience in the game.

Besides the two primary game modes, there are some new game modes in the game. Check them out:

  • PVEE

In the game mode, the local hero is tasked with obtaining runes that will be added to the characters to improve their base stats. For rewards, players could receive summoning scrolls and skins, and FoA tokens.

  • Guild War

Want to start a war? Then you can do that with the Guild War mode. You can establish a world war in the Kingdom of Ohm. You’ll need about 10 players to gather and form a guild, then you’ll fight against another guild. The guild that gets the highest score is declared the winner and gets great rewards in tokens.


This is one of the most amazing features of the game that will make Arker very interesting. The village will be cities for your characters that are fully customizable and provide enhancements. There are different types of buildings in the villages:

  • Power generator: It helps the player generate power quickly. 
  • Energy Sanctuary: It will increase the maximum energy.
  • Sanctuary of the race: You can change one or two things about the race and get on your way to victory.
  • Ancient sword: It improves the attack of the champions by 2%.
  • Crystal altar: Improves the HP of champions by 2%.
  • Clover building: It is your good luck charm, it increases your chances of getting lucky with your daily roulette.
  • Experience building: Mining passive experience is a great benefit to you as a player. In the experience building, you leave your store your characters and get a % passive experience.
  • Visual: In the visual building, you get to add visual decoration so that your gold can be spent on it (tokens).
  • Roulette: The Roulette building is all about freebies and a lot of luck. When you click, the roulette wheel begins to spin, and when it stops, you are awarded a prize (Item, ability, pet, or nothing). Every 24 hours, you’ll get a free spin.

Items and Abilities

Arker is all about helping you achieve your dreams of becoming a local ruler and conqueror. It provides special features that help you boost your chances of winning, we’ve seen some already. Items and abilities are another wonderful set of features to increase your chances of defeating the enemy.

Items are objects that offer your hero an extra quantity of life or energy during battle. The items can be worn as a helmet, armor, weapon, or boots, and they can be limited to a single class or a certain level. We should add that, equipping an item as a weapon grants the hero an active super-ability that can be used in once each fight.

Abilities are the attacks that your hero can perform during a battle. Each ability has a cost of wisdom, so the player can give his hero eight abilities with a maximum of 50 wisdom. Once in a battle, four of the abilities previously given to the hero will be randomly selected.

Pets can accompany you during the game which will give you benefits in your battles. Each pet

will have a special ability.

Game Mechanics


Without even being told, you know you are supposed to prepare well to win any battle. Like Benjamin Franklin said, ”  “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” On Arker, the player must prepare by girding his character with a helmet, armor, weapon, boots, and eight different abilities which cost more or less 50 wisdom.


The matchmaking algorithm will select the most suitable player from among those that are available, ensuring that the difference in level between the two heroes is as little as feasible. To do so, the algorithm will look for a competitor with a maximum difference of three levels. If this is not achievable, the search range will be expanded to a six-level difference. If an enemy has not yet been found, the hero will face off against a well-balanced bot.


Once in battle, the algorithm will choose four of each hero’s eight available skills at random.

It will also be decided at random who will take the first turn. The hero that is picked to attack first will have 30 seconds to pick any one of their four abilities and an amount of energy to employ with it.

After a player has been chosen, the other player will be informed of the opponent’s ability, but not the quantity of energy that will be utilized. As a result, the player must decide which ability and amount of energy to utilize to counter his opponent’s attack, with a second-time constraint of 30 seconds to do so.

When both heroes have randomly chosen, the hero who is using a more powerful ability will do the most damage to the opposing hero, taking into account the total amount of energy used. The round will be started by the other player on the next turn. The battle will conclude when a hero has used up all of his life or both players have utilized their four skills in this fashion.

4.End of the game and rewards

Both players are given experience and gold at the end of the game. Coupled with increased experience and money, the victorious player will get 95 percent of the Arkers that wagered on the game.

The gold will be used to purchase “skins boxes” for the gamer. The player can buy arks using ARKERs that include six different goods. The fourth will be normal, the fifth will have a 50% chance of being normal, 40% chance of being rare, and 10% chance of being exceptional, and the sixth will have a 70% chance of being rare and 30% chance of being remarkable. In the Arker Marketplace, all items will be transferable.



The Arker metaverse’s governance token, ARKER, is a BEP 20 token. Holders will be able to influence the future of the Arker’s universe, as well as their own events, special NFTs, and more.

To begin earning Fragment Of ARKER and access the full Arker experience, players must first gather ARKER tokens in order to obtain their first pets. Those pets will boost the character with whom they are partnered, as well as access the Play To Earn features. The ARKER token can only be used for governance and not in-game.

Fragments Of ARKER

Fragments Of Arker (FoA) is a BEP 20 token used in Arker’s economy. The FoA is the core of the metaverse’s ecosystem, and players will be rewarded with these tokens for participating every day and finishing objectives. They will also be able to create a guild, participate in PVP combat, purchase equipment, and more.

Token Allocation

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