Doge SuperBowl x Satoshi Club AMA Recap from 9th of October

Welcome to another episode of our AMA series. Today we are glad to tell you about the AMA session with our friends from Doge SuperBowl, a Gaming Universe of NFT Digital American Football on BSC. The AMA took place on October 9 and our guests were @DogeSuperbowlMarketing, @danielbarretodoge, @zanfrilli and @guhSMETASOCCER.

The total reward pool was 500$ and was divided into three parts. In this AMA Recap we will try to summarize some of the most interesting points for you.


Mary | Satoshi Club: Hello Satoshi Club! We are happy to announce our AMA session with Doge Super Bowl! Welcome to Satoshi Club.

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Today our guests are @DogeSuperbowlMarketing @danielbarretodoge @zanfrilli @guhSMETASOCCER.

Daniel DogeSuperBowlMkt: Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Daniel Barreto, the Brand Director from Doge Super Bowl project, I am here with Bruno Henrique, the Marketing Director and soon we will have here with us the Economist from the project, Guhz. I wanna thank you for joining us today. First, let us tell you some about the game and its tokens then we start to answer your questions, Bruno, shall we?

Henrique Costa: Hello, Lads, I`m Bruno Henrique, we are here to present the Doge Super Bowl project, based on our love for Football, NFL, and Super Bowl events and championships.  We are launching an NFT play-to-earn game on Binance Chain (BEP) based on Football. Our token is already being traded and we are going to launch our first NTF sales next 20th and 27th. Now, let`s start our AMA.

Daniel DogeSuperBowlMkt: As said, Doge Super Bowl is based on American Football, every “player” is an NFT Card with specific abilities, rarity, and levels. The gamer can play a match with one, two, three, or four cards. Actually, we call the cards Doges. So, the Doges will have a breeding process called Mentoring. This process needs two Doges from the same position (defensive or offensive player) to create a new NFT Card. The first version of the game will be with notifications from the match, so the strategy is the key to win matches. You can also train Doge, upgrading its abilities.

Henrique Costa: Perfect! Soon we going to tell you details about the Mentor Process, but before that, we have to pass through the game tokens. We have two coins involved: $DSBOWL and $DTDOWN. We are going to have Guhz here to explain more about the Economy if necessary, by now I want to share with you what are the tokens about:

We have $DSBOWL as our governance token, I mean it is our main token, it is already being traded on platforms like poocoin, and pancakeswap. $DSBOWL is used to pay tournaments fees, mentoring, and training processes. You can earn $DSBOWL winning matches PVE and PVP.

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: We would like to know more about your team. Who is on the project team core?

Daniel DogeSuperBowlMkt: You can check on our website

We are a team with an Economist, a CEO, CSO, Brand Director, Marketing Director, Developers and Community.

Mary | Satoshi Club: Why did you decide to create such kind of project? Was this decision based on previous experience of its founders?

Henrique Costa: Basically our CEO dreamed with the doge coin puppies playing football ha-ha.

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Thanks for great introduction, we have several questions which were selected for the 1st part. Ready to start?

Daniel DogeSuperBowlMkt: No, wewould like to share more information about the game.

Henrique Costa:  We have a secondary token, named $DTDOWN, which you earn playing PVE and PVP matches (even losing a match you earn $DTDOWN). $DSBOWL and $DTDOWN are necessary to activate Mentoring Process and Training Process.

Daniel DogeSuperBowlMkt: About the Mentoring Process, let`s share how it works.

 All Doges are able to create a new Doge through the mentoring process, with a limit of 5 (five) mentoring processes per card. It is necessary two Doges as Mentors from the same position on the field to create a new one. This new NFT card is created 24 hours late.  During these 24 hours, the Mentors still can be used on matches.

Henrique Costa: Yes, and every time you use a card as Mentor, its cost to be a Mentor increase. So, the first time you use a Doge as a Mentor is cheaper than the second time you use it, which is going to cost less than the third time using it as a mentor, etc. Actually, you can use an NFT Card as a Mentor..

Daniel DogeSuperBowlMkt: Yeap, and the chances for the new NFT Card (Doge) are:






Henrique Costa: Perfect, we will already have our FIRST NFT SALES next 20th and 27th!!! So, it will be an opportunity to buy one Special Edition Card for 3,000 $DSBOWL.  These cards will have special abilities and they are all Super Rare.  We shall have 999 NFT for sale on 20th Oct. and 999 NFT for sale on 27th Oct. Following our Instagram (@dogesuperbowl) and joining our Telegram group we will be really happy to keep you updated about the game releases.

Daniel DogeSuperBowlMkt: We are doing this AMA to announce we are in a great moment to buy and hold our token, some important personalities are joining the project, and we believe that by launching our firsts NFTs the numbers will grow. Furthermore, the Game Play for Doge Super Bowl will be released in the next 30 days!

Henrique Costa: We are really excited with Doge Super Bowl! Well, if you have any questions I will be happy to answer. Now I am going to share some of our designs.

Daniel DogeSuperBowlMkt: (REAL TIME) 

  • 📈 HOLDERS: 4.000
  • 📈 LP HOLDINGS: 360. 86 BNB ($122,170) 
  • 📈 MARKETCAP: $2,698,846
  • 📈 TRANSFERS: $17,701    
  • ✅ Verified by Bscscan 
  • ✅ Fees (Slippage) 13% 
  • ☑️ NAME: Doge Superbowl 
  • ☑️ SUPPLY: 95,682,875 (95 millions) 
  • ☑️ DECIMALS: 18 
  • ☑️ CONTRACT: 0x6a43f8f4b12fcd3b3eb86b319f92eb17c955dda3

We are ready to answer any questions! And thank you so much for joining us today.

Q1 from Telegram user   @nhairym

While looking for information about your project I came across this NOTICE “This project is in the pre-sale phase. Be careful when investing in pre-sales: these projects have no history or known smart contract”, you can check the veracity and legality of Doge Super Bowl Whether you have a smart contract or not, what message can you send to the market and your community to convince them that if your project is worth investing in, how does DSB differ from other Doge that have not achieved sustainability and permanence in the market?

Daniel DogeSuperBowlMkt: Great, we have been audited by TechRate.

And we have a strong community, also we show our faces all the time on streams. We are really excited about the project.

Guhs | Will Never DM you first: Great question! But these types of projects, that they don’t know what they are doing, they never show the team faces. We have a team of devs that are working on this project and a person (me) that are taking care of the economy. But safety first, don’t invest money that you can’t lose for sure.

CEO DSBOWL Pedro Thiago Zanfrilli:

Mary | Satoshi Club: Can you share your audit report with our community?

Daniel DogeSuperBowlMkt: For sure! I just asked my team and asap I will send here for all.

Q2 from Telegram user @Pavel_Jarosh

Talking about American football in general we can highlight that the public is limited. Besides US and Canada, there’s also some interest in the Caribbean region and Latin America, however it is not spread outside of above mentioned area. Please share with us some numbers of there you see the interest is coming from the most? How do you plan to attract public from Europe and Asia as these are the primary sources of investing in crypto? Thank you!

Guhs | Will Never DM you first: That’s true, but we are also in the P2E and gaming market. If you combine these 3 together we have a big MC to achieve. And right now we don’t have many fun and/or profitable P2E games that will last for more than a month. We are here to change that with a fun and sustainable game.

Henrique Costa: Yes, because it’s not just for Sports fans you can earn money playing.

Daniel DogeSuperBowlMkt: Great question! We are about to launch the game ads in many countries. And we believe that even in Asia and Europe the game will rock!

Mary | Satoshi Club: Do you plan some special marketing campaigns for Europe and Asia, for example?

Henrique Costa: yes, we are investing a lot in marketing in all globe.

Daniel DogeSuperBowlMkt: Guhs made a really nice strategy for the game’s economy and this is a key to get play to earn gamers.

For now, the most important thing to deliver is a nice game economy, nice NFT Cards, and a play to earn game worthy. We are even studying the soundtracks into the game.

Q3 from Telegram user @Orlemys

The play-to-earn feature in your platform is not scheduled to come at least until Phase 2. This might be a long time from now, so what are some ways in which we can invest, and gain rewards right now? Will there be a staking feature? If so, when will it be available?

Henrique Costa: just before answer ur question we going to share a pdf document.

Daniel DogeSuperBowlMkt: Actually right now we are going to have PVE, and it is pay to earn. Since the first day.

Guhs | Will Never DM you first: The PVE system will be live when the game is ready, it will be around next month. The PVP System that we are working on it right now, it will be released after.

Daniel DogeSuperBowlMkt: Playing PVE and PVP you will earn $DSBOWL and $DTBOWL, $DSBOWL can be traded outside the game.

CEO DSBOWL Pedro Thiago Zanfrilli:

  • Token: Doge Superbowl (DSBOWL)
  • Price: $0.0284453
  • Total Supply: 95,332,129
  • Market Cap: $2,704,928
  • BNB Price: $423.45
  • LP Holdings: 361 BNB ($153,002)

Q4 from Telegram User @AlenaMotor

I love to see how you describe Doge super Bowl game in the video at your web page, the 3D NFT so cool. however, as I read the Doge super bowl NFT will come with their own rarity, but we as a player can’t upgrade the card rarity, right? why we can upgrade the rarity of our card? what is the strategy behind that? so for the player who just get a lowest rarity from the first buy, what is exactly their need to do to get other highest rarity NFT or basic stat beside buy a new card at marketplace soon when the MP live?

Daniel DogeSuperBowlMkt: All NFT Cards cannot upgrade their Rarity, but can upgrade its level and abilities by training.

Henrique Costa: being useful on pvp arena.

Daniel DogeSuperBowlMkt: Also, the mentoring process has a chance to create a better NFT card.

Guhs | Will Never DM you first: The PVP will be the main thing in our game, but for now, we only have the PVE. But you will use the training feature to level up your NFT and this will impact your performance on the PVP.

Mary | Satoshi Club: Will it be easy for users to understand game mechanism? Can newbies easily play it?

Guhs | Will Never DM you first: we have a FAQ and a community that is here to help all the way.

Mary | Satoshi Club: Btw, will users be able to test your game before it goes live?

Henrique Costa: we going to ask few players for a stress test in our system so we can make sure we can handle it.

Q5 from Telegram User @Asela1112

The 100 million total supply of $DSB have been allocated in a better way. But you keep 5% for yourself. What is the reason for that? This will lead to create the fluctuations & volatility on $DSB tokens since you have a large amount of $DSB tokens. What is your opinion regarding this matter? Do you follow the whale system? And also even though You built $DSB on BSC network, you didn’t focus on burning mechanism & buyback system. So how do you control the inflation rate without regular degradation of $DSB tokens? What kind of options will you integrate to mitigate the volatility of $DSB tokens?

Guhs | Will Never DM you first: The % that we keep for us is to be used in the marketing and development in the game. This system is here to make sure that we have enough money to inject into the project and continue to grow. Also, the amount that we receive is in BUSD, so we don’t need to sell this in the market and create a big dump for u guys. The whale it’s not that relevant in this type of project because they will receive a % fee to enter and also to leave the project, so they will enter in the game to play the game. There are many tools that we can use to check the whales and for sure that this will be taking into consideration. The burning system is also in our WP with the auto boost system. With that we can burn our token and the main thing here is the burning system that we will have also in the Training system when the PVP is ready. The economic side of the game is very safe, don’t u worry.

I did not introduce myself in the beginning, sorry! I will be helping the project on the operational side and also in the economy of the game.  I would like to share a little bit about my background as well.

I have a bachelor’s and two post graduations in accounting, one MBA in business management, and many years investing in traditional markets and for sure in crypto. I also have almost 10 years of experience working in accounting/finance for companies like Unilever, SGL Carbon and BNP Paribas that I will bring to this project.

Feel free to check my Linkedin

Mary | Satoshi Club: How will your burn system work? When first burn will happen?

Guhs | Will Never DM you first: AutoBoost is a one of a kind function that has been built into our contract. Some are familiar with buy back tokens, our token is not just another buy back token.

DOGESUPERBOWL AutoBoost function is built mathematically to do variable buybacks and burn which adjust based on volume in order to maintain stability. AutoBoost will vary based on the transactions over the past 24 hours which will continue to adjust based on the volume.

AutoBoost will buy back and burn variable amounts every time a sale occurs with DOGESUPERBOWL token. This is a one of a kind function which is more powerful than just a standard buyback token.

Daniel DogeSuperBowlMkt: Also want to share my profile with you

CEO DSBOWL Pedro Thiago Zanfrilli: Also want to share my profile with you

Q6 from Telegram User @victorogb

On your official roadmap, you have outlined plans to introduce PVP mode, tournaments and Stadium Presales. Can you properly update us on the level of progress with these stages? Currently, what milestones has Doge Super Bowl (DSB) been able to achieve, what aspects of your in-gaming features would you consider a major driver for your NFT gaming service? Talking long-term, would you consider an improved roadmap with possibilities of advancing your gamefi features, enhanced gameplay modes and gaming support for a variety of devices, platforms and NFL stars?

Guhs | Will Never DM you first: The WP and Roadmap will be updated after the changes that we have in this V2 of the game. There are many features that we can add to the game like stadium and items for example. But to deliver that we need to have this very aligned with the dev team, and that’s why we don’t want to give you an estimation of when this will be released. And the will differentiates us from our competitors is the economy of the game. I am sure that we have many features that you never seen before in other games.

Daniel DogeSuperBowlMkt: We are not talking about any specific date right now, however, the PVE mode you start in the first day of the game, which is in about 30 days, and then the PVP mode, tournaments, and NFT Stadium (like lands) will be launched asap, that’s what we can say by now.

Now the game will support 100,000 players in the first moment.

And for the last question, yes!! For sure! Our goal is to deliver in a short time a game play like Fifa, but in a simplified version, in which the gameplay will be more advanced, besides adding details in the decision of the teams’ coaches.


The chat was open for 120 seconds; a lot of questions were posted by Satoshi Club community. Our guests chose some of them.

Q1 from Telegram user @bigboicity12

Where can I get the most accurate news about the project?

Henrique Costa: on our website we have all information about our project and our team in there.

Q2 from Telegram user @Kargil1999

Many Gaming Platform has a huge Initial Cost to just start the gameplay, can You talk about Doge SuperBowl? What is the entry fee to enter on the Platform?

Daniel DogeSuperBowlMkt: You can already trade our token. The game is free to download but it need at least one NFT (Doge) to play, the first NFT Sales will be 20th and 27th of this month, 3,000 $DSBOWL price.

Q3 from Telegram user @Gemshunter22

How is your project different with other shitcoins? DO YOU HAVE any listings plans on new top exchanges?

Henrique Costa: Yes, we going to be list on CMC and also Coingecko.

Q4 from Telegram user @Kargil1999

Many Gaming Platform has a huge Initial Cost to just start the gameplay,

Can You talk about Doge SuperBowl?

What is the entry fee to enter on the Platform?

Daniel DogeSuperBowlMkt: You can already trade our token. The game is free to download but it need at least one NFT (Doge) to play, the first NFT Sales will be 20th and 27th of this month, 3,000 $DSBOWL price.

Q5 from Telegram user @Xusuo

can you tell me about $DSBOWL token sale? where to get $DSBOWL? will you have a Public sale or Private sale for your token?

Henrique Costa: our main exchange is pancakeswap and poocoin.

Q6 from Telegram user @messilolz

Do you have any tikok and YouTube channel? Can you share your marketing plans to work with influencer or any new plans?

Henrique Costa: Yes, we do have tiktok and YouTube channel we didn’t start hard or advertising with youtuber but this will be our next step we are already talking with a lot of digital influences.

Q7 from Telegram user @Rakshhitx5

Usually, games don’t last long except Axie and some others. So do you aim to stay for the long term? If yes, how you will do that?

Guhs | Will Never DM you first: I already did a calculation on the RP of the game and the player base that we have and for how long this is remaining healthy. Besides that, we don’t have a system like other games that your reward will be based on the rarity of your card in the PVE. That means that we will not have a whale in our game with 10 wallets draining our RP and dumping in the market. We have the 11% fee that will keep bots and whales that want to take advantage of the game away and our system with 2 tokens will help in the sustainability of the game because this will not be a pay to win game.

Q8 from Telegram user @soyestefanya

How would DogeSuperbowl provide a profitable experience for its respective investors and I would like to know what it is working on to build a vibrant and healthy community around blockchain gaming?

Daniel DogeSuperBowlMkt: The future came! And we all know that blockchain games are the future of investments. Football is a lively sport and we really want to match this culture into the game. The concept is really important for us and even the partnerships, soundtracks, design, and social media work to show how we dream this game. As bigger the player community, the more valuable the game’s token, and NFT cards are. Also, right after the release of the game, we plan to increase the NFTs price weekly, starting on 3,000 tokens.

Q9 from Telegram user @Sulekh1979

I Found that AUTOBOOST is a unique feature that has been, incorporated into Your contract,

Will you please tell me More about the AUTOBOOST Feature?

Henrique Costa: AutoBoost function is built mathematically to do variable buybacks and burn which adjust based on volume in order to maintain stability. AutoBoost will vary based on the transactions over the past 24 hours which willcontinue to adjust based on the volume.

Q10 from Telegram user @JeffAmara

I’m already part of this interesting Doge SuperBowl adventure. But I’ve been part of other projects that lasted a short time, or even stopped being interesting. What do you think the Doge SuperBowl has that will keep me more interested for a longer period of time in the game that doesn’t exist in other games?

Daniel DogeSuperBowlMkt: Thank you!!! We plan to upgrade the gameplay fast and often in the first moments. This is important to keep users excited about the game. Besides that, we believe in our economic system, that sustainably seeks to reward players.


As usual, for the third part, Satoshi Club Team asked the chat 4 questions about Doge SuperBowl. A link to a Quiz form was sent into the chat. Participants had 10 minutes to answer. 300$ were distributed between the winners.

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