CyberTime Finance x Satoshi CLUB AMA Session 03 April 2021

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PART 1. Introduction of Cybertime project and community questions.

Hello, Satoshi clubbers and guests of this site. We continue to introduce you to interesting projects.

CyberTime Finance is a whole ecosystem of products on the NFT market. NFT Fantasy League, Cyber Farming, DAO ecosystem, and many other Dapp in the future.

The plan of AMA session:

  1. Part – Introduction and preselected questions.
  2. Part – Live questions
  3. The Quiz about Cybertime

The reward pool is 500$

Leading the AMA our clever and fun admins:

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club – @GoldRocket27 

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club – @AndresM77

The Representative of the project:

Dima Boshenyatov – @dimabosh

Introduction of CyberTime Finance project.

Gold rocket | satoshi club:

Hello, dear community!

Today’s ama marathon day is wrapped up by the Cybertime  finance project!

Hello and welcome to satoshi club, @dimabosh!

Andrés m. | satoshi club:

@dimabosh welcome to satoshi club

Dima boshenyatov:

I am also glad to join your community. It’s hot here! 🔥

Andrés m. | satoshi club:

As always😁, how is going your day?

Dima boshenyatov:

Things are good.

Gaining strength before the next week. Many events planned in the next 7 days

Gold rocket | satoshi club:

O yes! Satoshi club is a hot crypto place! 😁 we are very glad to conduct ama with Cybertime  finance!

Andrés m. | satoshi club:

Please share some announcements when you want

Dima boshenyatov:

Ок 😉

Gold rocket | satoshi club:

We look forward to hearing from you hot news! Let’s start!

Introduce yourself. How did you get to be involved in crypto & Cybertime finance?

Dima boshenyatov:

I got acquainted with cryptocurrency and made my first investments in 2013 but did not follow the golden rule – hold.

Then I returned in 2017 during the ICO boom. Even then I wanted to make my own project, but I didn’t have enough experience.

And at the end of 2020, having gained experience, knowledge, and a cool team, we launched Cybertime finance. I can say that the start has exceeded my expectations, so now there is only one goal – go forward!

Andrés m. | satoshi club:

Of course, we are in the perfect times to hold 😁, the market is still new.

Gold rocket | satoshi club:

Great experience! 👍 What is the essence of your project?

Dima boshenyatov:

We are creating an NFT marketplace on #BSC

  1. NFT is trending now, but there are many competitors. We have something to surprise. We are planning to launch the first NFT fantasy league
  2. We did not conduct a presale but launched the distribution of 2 tokens through farming. Therefore, our project about farming and NFT.

Andrés m. | satoshi club:

Is true that there are many competitors, so how is your marketplace different? Which features make it different?

Gold rocket | satoshi club:

How long does it take to develop a project? What plans do you have for the future? And what can we expect from Cybertime finance?

Dima boshenyatov:

What plans for future:

We have big plans for

  1. In April, launch a secondary market where anyone can sell their NFTS on BSC
  2. In May, launch a light version of fantasy league, where authors can upload their works and participate in voting and auctions.

For, we will launch DAO voting, where all CTF holders can vote and make key decisions on the development of the project

Andrés m. | satoshi club:

Amazing coming events 🥳

Dima boshenyatov:

Why did we choose to farm? Because there are no overestimated capitalization estimates and anyone can become an investor who sees the potential can become a part of the project

See for yourself

Now capitalization of NFTL tokens = $ 2.8m, and CTF = $ 1.3m

And the prices

NFTL = 0.33 $

CTF = 66 $

An important point that we started with $ 86k market cap and prices

NFTL = 0.001 $

CTF = 1 $

The launch was on February 25 (a little over a month ago) and I believe that the community believed in our project

Gold rocket | satoshi club:

You really got into the current crypto trends!

Thank you very much for the great intro! Ready to proceed to the questions from the community?

Dima boshenyatov:

Just a few days ago, we launched the NFT auction platform –, and on April 10 we will hold the first auction. We are now planning to develop this platform

Gold rocket | satoshi club:

You did a good job! 👍

Dima boshenyatov:

Just a second, I will answer one more question from you.

Gold rocket | satoshi club:

Take your time 🙏 We want you to feel comfortable!

Dima boshenyatov:

How are we different from NFT’s competitors?

Let’s be honest, there are no strong players on #BSC right now

There is a lot of competition on Ethereum, but only a few on BSC. Although many projects on eth are already preparing l2 + solutions for integration with other prices (due to huge gas prices), we see ourselves as a project that can take its strong place in the list of leaders in the NFT  marketplace on BSC, and then in other chains. 😉

Preselected questions about the Cybertime DeFi project.

Andrés m. | satoshi club:

Q1 from telegram user @derazy

Recently I find out that Cybertime finance has issued regarding the technical problems with deposit. I also glad that the issue has been resolved as well. How often this kind of issue happen in the past? Does Cybertime finance convince the user that the same issue won’t occur in the future?

Dima boshenyatov:

We had technical problems in the early days of launching farming (and even then not for all users). We solved them literally in 3 days.

When we closed the deposit on March 27th, it was not a technical problem. Since we are preparing a migration portal (we are auditing all smart contracts with Certik and transferring tokens from v1 to v2 new contracts), so we decided to close the deposit option. But now we have already returned this opportunity! 😂

Andrés m. | satoshi club:

So, now everything is ok with the platform?

Gold rocket | satoshi club:

Thank you very much for such a responsible attitude to security and for sharing with us the audit of smart contracts. 👍

Dima boshenyatov:

Yes, all is well.

As soon as we opened a deposit yesterday + $300k to TVL in 24 hours 💪🚀

Andrés m. | satoshi club:

We are happy to know that 🥳. Would you like to add something before the next question?

Dima boshenyatov:

We can move to the next question 😉

Andrés m. | satoshi club:

Q2 from telegram user @andrey_seleznov

Happy to see you going the BSC route due to huge eth fees! Do you plan to expand to other networks in the future? Polka or Cardano perhaps? Tell us about your growth plans!

Dima boshenyatov:

We are very pleased to have chosen BSC. It has a cool community and low fees. Now we see a lot of development work at BSC. Here are a couple of examples:

  1. For example, now there are not so many places on BSC where you can view your NFT (if you have it stored on Metamask, for example)
  2. And not everyone will be able to name a platform where these NFTS can be sold on the secondary market (Opensea or Rarible immediately come to mind on eth. There is no such thing in BSC)

Hopefully in the near future, when asked: “where to sell NFT on BSC?” the user will not hesitate to answer: “of course on!” 😂🔥

But we will develop development in other chains, for example, there are plans to create a bridge between erc-721/1155 <=> bep-721/1155

Gold rocket | satoshi club:

You came up with it very well! 😉

Andrés m. | satoshi club:

Wow, I really hope that NFTS are usually in ERC, I think is time to migrate to BSC due to high fees.

Dima boshenyatov:

Yes, I believe in it too

Andrés m. | satoshi club:

Btw, could you tell us the use cases of CFT and NFTL?

Dima boshenyatov:

Of course!

NFTL is a native token for the platform (imagine Opensea / Raible, where you can buy NFT only with their token) Raible has their own token, but they didn’t go that route.

And we went! In addition, we will add burn rate upon successful NFT sale, so the number of NFTL tokens will decrease (max supply 86m)

CTF stands for governance token. As I said, it will enable token holders to directly participate in the development of the project (voting will take place on the platform). In addition, we will introduce staking, part of the profits from and other projects will be used to buy back the token from the market. Max supply CTF total 86k

Gold rocket | satoshi club:

Thanks for the answers! Ready for the next question? 🚀

Andrés m. | satoshi club:

Thank you so much for the detailed answer, great decision to create two tokens👏

Dima boshenyatov:


Andrés m. | satoshi club:

Q3 from telegram user @highpee

While many have agreed that NFTS can be deployed to suit several functionalities, however most NFTS projects revolve around using NFTS as a representation of digital art and collectibles. But i have seen that one out of two NFTS products you are going to have is NFT fantasy league. Am aware of esports and fantasy football league/team but i am not exactly sure how NFT fantasy league is going to look like. What does this league entail? How are fantasy challenges created and broken into seasons? How do you determine points used in rating users on the league table and what does this league offer as rewards to league winners?

Gold rocket | satoshi club:

Interesting question! 😉

Dima boshenyatov:

We will need to work out a lot of details to make it interesting for everyone from crypto artists to buyers of works and users.

How will fantasy league work?

Imagine Opensea / Rarible, but with more fun and interactive 😁

  1. Crypto artists post their NFTS in stage competition
  2. Users vote for the ones they like, and at the end, a 24 hour auction opens, where users can buy any NFT from the competition
  3. Before the start of each stage of voting, a draft window opens, where users can create a fantasy team with favorite crypto artists and NFTS and predict which of the authors will win, which work will be more expensive, and more.
  4. When an auction ends, winners are determined among the crypto artists and those who made up the fantasy team.

Gold rocket | satoshi club:

Sounds great 👍

Dima boshenyatov:

70% of NFTL will be distributed to crypto artists and fantasy team members 🔥🔥🔥

Therefore, we plan to attract top NFT artists to our platform.

With the current NFTL rate of $ 0.33, 70% share = $20m to crypto artists and fantasy league users.

Andrés m. | satoshi club:

Interesting, everyone can join? There’s a KYC needed to participate?

Dima boshenyatov:

NFT is more about art, so no KYC / AML is planned yet.

Andrés m. | satoshi club:

Happy to know it, would you like to add something else? The next question is ready 😁

Dima boshenyatov:

Ready for the next question

Andrés m. | satoshi club:

Q4 from telegram user @nataliyakil

While studying your project, I found out that you have partnered with one of the leaders in blockchain security audit – The Certik foundation. But I also read that worked with Adesh Nandkishor Kolte to audit all the code.

So, you applied for an audit to two companies at the same time, or the results of the first audit were not satisfactory for you?

Dima boshenyatov:

Adesh Nandkishor Kolte audited contracts prior to launching the project. We were very pleased with the result. During 7 days of farming, people added $1,800,000 to smart contracts and successfully withdrawn them when the farming ended 🤑🚜

We decided to give the migration portal and auction contracts to Certik, as it is a well-recognized company with authority in the DeFi market. Our cooperation will help attract more investors and increase the amount of investments at the pharming stage. Someone in our chat said that TVL could be $ 200m. From 1.8m to 200m. Who knows, but the farming that starts on April 10 will show everything 🚀🤩

And Adesh became part of our team and is responsible for security now 💪

Gold rocket | satoshi club:

Excellent! You have strengthened your team quite well! By the way … Tell us a little about your team? Who is on the project team?

Dima boshenyatov:

We have a very cool team.

Now in the team:

– 3 developers (guys created Cybertime .farm /

– UI / UX designer & illustrator NFT (yes, we create awesome NFTS ourselves)

– SMM manager (she helps to keep in touch with our cool community, with whom we are completely open)

– 3 cm (they help to promptly answer community questions)

– marketing team (forges relationships with influencers, organizes ama sessions “hello, Satoshi club” and builds a strategy for Cybertime recognition)

Our main message is to be flexible. You can’t do everything perfectly, but we make changes quickly. In addition, we build on past experiences and continually develop relationships within the team.

Andrés m. | satoshi club:

Could you share some of your NFTS?😃

Dima boshenyatov:

Sure, wait for a second

Gold rocket | satoshi club:

I really like what sense of humor you told about it😁

Dima boshenyatov:

First, you can show it on our marketplace –

Since the auction starts on April 10, everyone has the opportunity to buy them.

The user sends it today in our group 🔥🔥🔥

Cybertime NFT

Whoo!!! Mint 1

Andrés m. | satoshi club:

Great design, I love it😁 Are you planning to launch a mobile version? 🤔

Gold rocket | satoshi club:

Wow! It’s awesome😍

Dima boshenyatov:

Yes, we are working on it now 😍

We will develop this area so that we can fully participate in the auction from a mobile device.

To be honest, we have set ourselves a very ambitious task. We made in less than a month!!! There is still a lot to do, but I am proud of our team

Andrés m. | satoshi club:

Great news 🥳, congratulations. Well, time to go with our next question, are you ready, or do you want to add something?

Dima boshenyatov:

Yeah, let’s go

Andrés m. | satoshi club:

Q5 from telegram user @yellowchamp

Can you explain more about the DAO accelerator of Cyber time? What is the use of the DAO accelerator in your platform? How it will bring good impacts in the DAO section in your platform and to the entire Cybertime ecosystem and to the community? Thank you

Dima boshenyatov:

The DAO accelerator will be powered by the DAO community fund. I have already said that we plan to send all the profit from the project to the DAO fund. It sounds crazy, but the community will determine how much the team will earn. I believe this is a real DAO. When anyone can become a key person in a project (holding our tokens), and not a group of privileged individuals.

The accelerator is a platform for the development and promotion of ambitious NFT artists, new projects within NFT, virtual worlds, blockchain games, etc.

Gold rocket | satoshi club:

I don’t often see such a solution, Dima! 😊 But it definitely makes sense and cares about the community! 👍

Would you like to add something or are you ready to move on to the last question of this part?

Dima boshenyatov:

We do everything for the sake of our community, which beliefs and support us. Thanks! 🙏❤️

Andrés m. | satoshi club:

Q6 from telegram user @ninoska0012

Currently, there is a crucial dilemma between various platforms between whether to continue implementing the Ethereum network as many projects are almost paralyzed at the moment due to expensive fees. What solution does Cybertime present on its platform to offer the world community the same product but with greater advantages and purchasing power?

Dima boshenyatov:

Our solution is Binance smart chain 🔥🚀

We planned to launch on Ethereum, but at the last moment, we decided to switch to BSC and do not regret it a bit.

For the same operations, you pay cents instead of tens of dollars.

And one moment. NFT  is booming now, but everyone is concentrating on the western market. And we are going to the east. We are already preparing the localization of the light paper into Chinese, translation of sites + we have a strong community from hong kong. We even created a unique NFT  about Mr. Hui

If you know what I mean 😉🤑

Gold rocket | satoshi club:

Can you show us this? Unique NFT about Mr. Hui😁

Dima boshenyatov:

You can find it on

Follow the news on our Twitter and telegram

Andrés m. | satoshi club:

Congratulations on this strong project, btw could you share with us some useful links to Cybertime social networks😁

Dima boshenyatov:


Telegram – @Cybertime _eth

Twitter – _eth

Medium – https://Cybertime

Discord –

Andrés m. | satoshi club:

@dimabosh thank you so much for this amazing answer, this first part of the has been so interesting. Is time to go with the second part of the ama, time to interact with our loyal users😁🥳

Gold rocket | satoshi club:

Dima! Ready to see a real storm of questions? 😁

Dima boshenyatov:

Ready! Steady! Go!

Cybertime NFT 2

PART 2.Questions about the CyberTime Finance project from the live chat of the telegram community.

In this part, we open a chat for the crypto community for 120 seconds. Then the guests from the CyberTime Finance crypto project choose the top 10 questions. The 10 crypto enthusiasts have earned cryptocurrency in the sum of 100$.

Q – 1 from a telegram user @MyYukiyo

Any listing plan on DEX and CEX?

Dima Boshenyatov:

About listing on CEX

We are currently negotiating with an agency that assists in placing on CEX and increasing liquidity and trading.

We are considering 3 options:
– STEX (500k visitors per month, 350k users and ranked around top 50 on CMC, EU / RUS)
– Bit-Z (rapidly growing Asian exchange with good organic volumes)
– Coinsbit (popular exchange with high scores and volumes)

About DEX
We have already agreed to conduct NFTL pharming on the platform from April 17 to April 24 🍌🍌🍌

We are negotiating with PancakeSwap, BakerySwap

Q – 2 from a telegram user @Mr_Robot420

All audits from Certik gonna be finished this week before the new farming week? 

Dima Boshenyatov:

Certik smart contracts audit should be ready on April 7th. We took 3 days for possible adjustments. Therefore, on April 10, a new stage of pharming starts on new tokens (v2) + the first NFT auction starts. We will audit all 5 smart contracts from Certik!!! 🔥🔥🔥

Q – 3 from a telegram user @Arisabela

We now understand that with 2 tokens it is convenient, but not easy. If you add a third, it will be even harder. Therefore, we will adapt the NFT Time Collection for application to current tokens.?

Dima Boshenyatov:

I agree – lets play a game DM me the answer to 7+2 and i’ll answer your question.

Q – 4 from a telegram user @Winner_don

For how long can I stay on the v1 and can I run farming on both versions simultaneously?

Dima Boshenyatov:

The reason for creating the migration portal and switching to v2 is not the closed emergencyWithdraw vulnerability. This happened because we wanted to launch the project faster (it had already been in development for 2 months), and the release date was postponed. For a new project that hasn’t formed a strong community yet, it’s like death. We have already postponed the launch of farming for a week!

Farming CTF in 2 LP pools will not be possible on v1. As soon as the migration portal appears, farming on v1 stops. Everything will work on v2. And the function of the token is v1, only exchange for v2.

Q – 5 from a telegram user @Guandog

The NFTs traded will only be art-related issues or are you willing to sell NFTs that have a proven additional utility?

Dima Boshenyatov:

Our NFTs are art-related NFTs without being used anywhere. We have thoughts about development in this direction, but not for the near future. We are now seeing a huge demand for digital art. Some of the paintings that were given away for free are bought for millions of dollars.

Q – 6 from a telegram user @feranno

You have disclosed that you have been cheated by the fake Coinone Exchange. How did you make such a mistake? Have you been harmed too much?

Dima Boshenyatov:

It was a very frustrating situation. But she made us stronger and showed us points worth working on. My state during the time was approximately the same as in the gif (just below) and the scammers took advantage of this situation.

What conclusions have we drawn?
1. Now all offers do not go through me, but are processed by my assistant
2. Together with Adesh, we worked out threat modeling of possible attacks (not only code-breaking)
3. I am rechecking already rechecked information. For example, there was a situation when a famous blogger wrote to me on Linkedin (the account was perfect). I tweeted him and asked him to answer there and the LinkedIn account was immediately deleted.

Scammers are on the wrong track. Money is not the main thing, especially earned by deception. We must be of benefit to people!

Q – 7 from a telegram user @Brainchest

Do you have contests that going on at this time or nearest future? What is your plan for the magnet big army of FAN?

Dima Boshenyatov:

Before phasing, we want to set up TVL transmission to Defistation. This is a very reputable resource and we can move up in the rankings well when farming starts.

We are also working on a new website for When it’s ready we will launch paid advertising

We are also planning to hold a mastaba contest on Twitter with a draw for NFT’s after the launch of the platform.

Q – 8 from a telegram user @Indomiekuy

I read from your site that Cybertime Finance also has NFT auction in your BSC platform, is that NFT limited only Cybertime project or other NFT project can enter the auction? How about the currency, is it use Cybertime token as currency for auction?

Dima Boshenyatov:

Now at the NFT Auction platform authors with whom we have agreed to cooperate can be accommodated. It turns out such a “closed” club CyberTime. This concept is similar to the Nifty Gateway. As I said, this is not our main product. We saw that people want to buy NFT and interact with them on BSC, so we decided to start with just such a platform.

The next stage is the launch of the secondary market. When will users be able to sell NFTs on our platform (but not create yet). Those. if you have PancakeSwap or Binance NFTs, you can sell them with us.

And the next step is the first version of the Fantasy League. When will any author be able to create NFT on our platform and take part in the stages.

Q – 9 from a telegram user @Kushal85127939

Could you please share how many funding rounds Cyber time have done till now? As we are seeing some other market also raising funds for growth.?

Dima Boshenyatov:

We have not had investment rounds. On the one hand, we are severely limited in funds, on the other hand, we communicate with people, negotiate and look for optimal solutions in terms of price / quality ratio.
We have already become interested in a large fund, which have a portfolio of + $30B, and even conducted a Zoom call. But our project is not about a classic venture. I would like the same funds to enter, like other investors, through the market. For example, we have a real community legend investor – Alex. To date, he has more than $ 1M in his portfolio of NFTL and CTF tokens. Moreover, he actively writes in the group and every time, it causes wild delight among the entire community. We even made a sticker when Alex was buying tokens

Q -10 from a telegram user @nadee5


You said april 10 there will be the first auction in the NFT auction platform of Cybertime

How can users join this upcoming auction?
What are the requirements?

Dima Boshenyatov:

The last question, just in the subject 😉

On April 10, 4 NFT auction will be held on our platform –

What is special about our auctions?

1. There will be multiple winners. For example, there will be 20 winners for Legendary NFT.
2. If there are fewer applicants, the rest of the NFTs will expire. That is, if only 10 people make a bet on Legendary NFT, then the remaining 10 are burned out. The uniqueness of NFT continues to grow.
3. Since more than one person wins with us, users will struggle to get into the list of winners. In addition, we do not have a classic auction prolongation scheme at the end. It ends exactly 24 hours after the start.

This is a new format, so we’ll see how the community accepts it.

If this format comes in, it will be a bomb! Then look forward to CyberTime tokens on Binance exchange soon 😂🤩😍

The collection itself with which CyberTime began.

Part 3 – Quiz about project

In the final part, we tested the knowledge in terms of the CyberTime Finance project. They’ve prepared 4 questions for this part, so everyone could be a part and answer. Participants had 10 minutes to answer. 300$ was distributed between the winners.

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