AMA's structure

Our AMA’s have 2 types of components: a general structure that remains the same for each project and a editable part , that changes according to the specifics of each particular project.

The general structure, that remains the same is the following:

AMA’s are structured in 3 parts, as follows:

Part 1: We make public a form and collect via this form questions from the community for a few days (2-3) before the AMA. From that pool of questions, Satoshi Club team selects 5 best questions and discusses them with the AMA guests in the first part of the AMA.

Part 2️: During this part, we open the chat in our group so that community can ask its questions in a live form. Usually we keep the chat open for a few minutes in which we collect a few hundred messages. Our guests then select 5 best questions in their opinion and answers them.

Part 3️: In this part we have a quiz about the project that is our guest in the AMA session

⚠️Rewards: The ammount of the rewards vary from project to project. The prize pool  is split as follows:
Part 1: 33% from the total to 5 winners.
Part 2: 33% from the total to 5 winners
Part 3: 33% from the total to 20 winners.

Rules for posting questions in Satoshi Club AMA:

If the question is copy-pasted from external sources, winner will get disqualified for the next 10 AMA sessions and will not receive any reward. The user who provide the proof that the question is copy-pasted from external sources will get 20% of the prize. If the question copy-pasted from internal sources, user will be disqualified forever.

Even if it is your own question, it is still qualified as copied. In Satoshi Club we make the best AMAs and the questions should be genuine, not copied from other AMAs.

All the funds from the questions which were disqualified will be distributed to the community. 80% goes to the quiz fund of the Satoshi Club. So, for example, if 80% are 30$, it means that the next quiz will have 90$ reward, not 60$ and so on

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