AMA Satoshi Club x Mars Ecosystem, October 7th

We were delighted to welcome our guest from Mars Ecosystem. The AMA took place on October 7th, 2021 and our guest was @clomptheory.

The total reward pool was 500$ and was divided into three parts. In this AMA Recap we will try to summarize some of the most interesting points for you.

Part 1 — introduction and questions from the Telegram&Bitcointalk community

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Hello again, dear Satoshi Club community! We are pleased to announce AMA with Mars Ecosystem😍

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Today our  guest is @clomptheory🔥

Tarios: Hey everyone!

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Hello and welcome to Satoshi Club, @clomptheory😁

Tarios: It’s great to be here!

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Nice to e-meet you 😊

Tarios: Nice to meet you, too 😊

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: We are really excited about upcoming AMA❤️🌏

Tarios: Yes, really me too 🙏🏻

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: The eyes of humanity have always been turned to the red planet 😊

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Tell us a little about yourself .. how did you get into crypto? How did the idea for the Mars Ecosystem come about?

Tarios: My interest in crypto started thanks to my friends. Although I was not very interested in before, I was fascinated by DeFi and I have improved myself in this field. I’m here now!

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: yes this is a hot topic today 🔥

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Tell us please about your position in  Mars Ecosystem

Tarios: Yes really! It is amazing to see that how DeFi improved that much in this short time. However, DeFi still has a lot of time to evolve!

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: It is clear that we are at the beginning of the road😁

Tarios: My role at Mars Ecosystem is Oversea Community Manager. I am here to assist the comrades of the Mars Ecosystem and respond to their problems as soon as possible!

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Give us a brief introduction to the project. What is the essence of Mars Ecosystem

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: This is a really important task in the community. Community is the engine of the project😊👏

Tarios: Mars Ecosystem is a decentralized stablecoin & DeFi platform. Also, Mars Ecosystem is now one of the hottest projects on BSC, and  one of the strongest participants of the MVB III Program!

Tarios: Yes, exactly! 😄

Tarios: I’m Tarios. I am the Oversea Community Manager of the Mars Ecosystem. My task here is to answer users’ questions and solve their problems as soon as possible.

First of all, let me introduce a bit about Mars Ecosystem. Mars Ecosystem is now one of the hottest projects on BSC, and also one of the strongest participants of the MVB III Program!

In September, Mars Ecosystem has just launched its own Farms/Pools and the TVL already reached 🔥$240M. at the same time maintaining APR up to 1100%.

🔥$1.4M worth of BTC, BNB, ETH, CAKE were distributed to XMS stakers during the last week. Cumulative reward distribution reaches $2.6M.

Tarios: And Mars Ecosystem will launch stake XMS-BNB MarsSwap LP to earn $CAKE on 8th Oct at 1pm UTC, the APR will be 1000+%, don’t miss the rewards!

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Amazing🔥🔥🔥

Tarios: Same thoughts! ☺️

Jonah 🏅🎹: That’s An Impressive APR 👏

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Pay attention Satoshi Clubbers🚀 don’t miss great opportunity

Tarios: Yes, our team is doing its best to both give the highest APR and maintain the value of the token!

Tarios: Thanks to vesting mechanism.

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: please tell us about the team. who are these amazing people who make up the core of the team?

Jonah 🏅🎹: Awesome the results prove they are actually doing their best

Tarios: Of course. John is the founder and CEO of Mars Ecosystem. He is an avid fan and researcher of DeFi. He has not only studied a PhD in Finance at Stanford University, but also have many years of experience in the financial industry.

Also, there are ~20 community and marketing manager in our team in total. They are doing their best for the development of the project.

And, our developer team is very hardworking, they aim to offer the best product by working as a team non-stop for the project to come to the best place.

Jonah 🏅🎹: It’s always great to have dedicated people working as a Team…

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Wow! Real dream team🔥

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Is your team anonymous or not?

Tarios: Yes exactly!  Everyone on the team strives to help each other.

Tarios: Our team is anonymous, as with many DeFi projects. Our team wants to highlight itself with the work it does and the product it develops.

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Thanks for great introduction, we have several questions which were selected for the 1st part. Ready to start?

Tarios: Yep, I am ready!

Q1 from Telegram user @Orlemys  

We’ve somehow gotten past the “to-the-moon” rage, and now many projects are stepping into other planets, with Mars being at the center of it all. So, how do you manage to stand out from the Mars protocols crowd? What are the unique traits that make your Mars ecosystem authentic? Are you focused more on the Mars visuals and space, or on releasing products and community rewards?

Tarios: Great and detailed question.

Tarios: The main features that make the Mars Ecosystem unique are Mars Treasury, Mars DeFi, and Mars Stablecoin. By combining these 3 features under a single ecosystem, we aim to offer the most useful and safe platform for users. The main purpose of the Mars Ecosystem is to create the DeFi central bank. The stablecoin it will use while doing this is USDM. Behind USDM are  BTC, ETH, UNI, etc. major coins. In this way, USDM will be both a decentralized and sustainable stablecoin.

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: unique feature👏👏👏

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Are you focused more on the Mars visuals and space, or on releasing products and community rewards?‌‌ (с)

Tarios: Our team has a plan for NFTs in the future. However, the team is currently looking to head towards farms and the Genesis Launch. Therefore, we can expect such visual enhancements in the future.

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Thanks for great answers 😊

Jonah 🏅🎹: When is the genesis launch scheduled to take place?

Tarios: The Genesis Launch is scheduled for late of this month. The team is currently striving for Genesis Launch with all its might.

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: hot hot autumn😁🔥🔥🔥

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Thanks for your answers

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Ready to proceed to the next question?

Tarios: I thank you for the questions!

Tarios: Yes, I am ready.

Q2 from Telegram User @Pavel_Jarosh

Masr Ecosystem includes multiple pieces of puzzle: Mars Treasury, Minting Control, DeFi protocols, governance token. There’s also a place for NFT project, however it is not described in details as above mentioned initiatives. Please let us know what is in heart of Mars NFT? Can they be bought or you plan to distribute them as part of rewarding system? Thank you!

Tarios: Currently, our farms and pools have come to life. Last September, the main focus of the dev team was adding more farms and pools. We have added many farms and pools in line with the requests of our users. The team’s current focus is on Genesis Launch. After the Genesis Launch is complete, there will be usage details. Also, we will distribute NFT to all IMO holders. We are currently improving the NFT gameplay and empowerment. We will cooperate with other projects as well. Please give us some time, since we ‘re trying to explore more value and possibilities. Stay tuned with Mars for the news!

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Don’t forget to share with Satoshi Clubbers❤️

Tarios: Yes of course!

Jonah 🏅🎹: They will be expecting Some news 😉

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: What kind of farms and pools are there at the moment?

Tarios: Currently, as pools,

Stake XMS to earn XMS

Stake XMS to earn CAKE / BNB / BTC/ ETH / KALA / HELMET / FOR

Stake CAKE to earn XMS

As farms,

Stake XMS/BNB to earn XMS / BNB

Stake CAKE/BNB or BUSD/BNB or USDT/BNB or CAKE/BUSD or CAKE/USDT or .. and more to earn XMS

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Good number of pairs

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Thanks for sharing

Jonah 🏅🎹: Yeah..

Jonah 🏅🎹: What about USDM?

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club:

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club:

Tarios: At the moment, I cannot give detailed information about USDM as Genesis Launch has not yet taken place. They can follow the announcement channel to follow the upcoming news and to be informed about new farm & pools as soon as possible.

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Look forward to Genesis Launch 🙏

Tarios: Yes! I am really excited about it.

Tarios: and whole community 😁

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: @clomptheory ready for the next question?🤩

Tarios: Yes please.

Q3 from Telegram User @Highpee

One of the features that you have introduced to ensure your stablecoin stability is an anti-bank run mechanism which you said can prevent large sell-off of stablecoin within a short period. Can you explain how you will maintain stability of USDM and how you will be able to prevent large sell off especially during situations where users may be apprehensive that the price may not return to $1? How do your asymmetry minting and redeeming process work and how does it prevent death spiral event or sell-off run under extreme market conditions?

Tarios: Great question. It is a good opportunity to highlight the difference of USDM from other stablecoins.

Tarios: Here’s how asymmetric minting and redeeming works: To mint USDM token, the user must add one of the Mars Treasury whitelisted assets to the Mars Treasury. For example, the user can mint 5 USDM with $5 ETH. However, when the user wants to redeem 5 USDM, XMS token is given to the user instead of ETH. Thus, antisymmetric minting is provided. In addition, assets in the Mars Treasury will support the value of USDM and XMS. Finally, thanks to Support Ratio, USDM’s market cap will be limited by XMS’s market cap. This will reflect positively on the price of XMS.

In short, thanks to the anti-minting and redeeming mechanism, the spiral of death is prevented.

When USDM market price > $1:

Arbitrageurs can use $1 worth of the Mars Treasury whitelisted assets (such as BTC) to mint 1 USDM in the Mars Treasury, They can then sell the newly minted USDM in the market to make a profit. This arbitrage action will quickly bring the market price of USDM back to $1.

When  USDM market price < $1:

Arbitrageurs can buy 1 USDM in the market for less than $1 and then redeem it in the Mars Treasury to obtain $1 worth of XMS. The redeemed XMS can be sold in the market to make a profit. As long as XMS has sufficient liquidity in the market, this arbitrage action will quickly bring the market price of USDM back to $1.

Jonah 🏅🎹: This is detailed enough.. 👏

Tarios: As much as I can.. 😊

Jonah 🏅🎹So can you share your Tokenomics with us?

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: it will really help regulation

Tarios: Yes of course,

the total supply is 1Billion

Investors 8%

IDO 2%

Team 10%

DAO Treasury (Market Making, Operations, Marketing, Partnerships, etc.) 15%

Community Incentives (Liquidity Mining, Trade Mining, Airdrops, etc.) 65%

Vesting Schedule:

Investors: Vesting monthly for 18 months, starting at Genesis Launch

Team: Vesting monthly for 36 months, starting at Genesis Launch

Jonah 🏅🎹: Thank you for sharing

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Let’s proceed to the next question

Tarios: You’re welcome!

Tarios: Yes, please!

Q4 From Telegram User @MinxOxyde

as I read, Mars Ecosystem will be launched on BSC soon, and a “Genesis Rocket Launch” will be held at the same time to celebrate the event. and so huge rewards will given to the participant. i really interesting with this, how to join the Genesis Event? how much to spend? and tell me about the calculation of the rewards, let says if i spend 100BUSD to treasury?

Tarios: The Genesis Launch is scheduled for the end of this month (October). Details on exactly how Genesis Launch will be have not yet been shared with users. However, superficially, it will be as follows, users (who want to be the first owner of USDM) will commit BUSD at Genesis Launch, thus earning USDM and XMS as a reward. For example, a user who commits 100BUSD will receive 100 USDM and XMS reward in proportion to the user’s participation percentage. PS.: 5% of the total supply of XMS will be distributed through this event.

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Thank you for the clarification

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: By the way, I know you have an ambassador program for your community. Please tell us a bit about it

Tarios: Of course, the ambassadors namely Captains. They exist to grow and advance the Mars Ecosystem community. Our users who want to get one step closer to becoming a Captain can fill out the form here.

There is a continuous reward system for the achievements of captains.

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: 🚀 Join Mars Ecosystem Local Community:

🌎Global English Telegram:

🇨🇳Chinese Telegram:

🇮🇩Indonesian Telegram:

🇻🇳Vietnam Telegram:

🇹🇷Turkish Telegram:

🇪🇸Spanish Telegram:

🇷🇺Russian Telegram:

Jonah 🏅🎹: Satoshi clubbers.. 🚀🚀

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: and these are your local communities! 👏👏👏

Tarios: We will continue to build communities from different countries and grow our team as much as we can!

Tarios: Yes, thanks for sharing!

Jonah 🏅🎹: Impressive

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: @clomptheory are you ready for the next question😉

Tarios: Yes, I am ready!

Q5 From Telegram User @DK177

There are four roles on Mars ecosystem, Hitchhicker, Captain, Ranger and Dr. Marvin. Although you have introduced them, it is not clear how can we achieve these levels. Could you please explain the prerequisites for each level? Do we need to hold a minimum amount of $USDM or $XMS? By the way, what are the advantages of achieving the levels? Do you distribute any rewards? Do you have plans to offer any learning materials to clarify this type of doubts?

Tarios: Our first role is Hitchhicker. All you have to do to become a Hitchhicker is join our community, all members of the Mars Ecosystem are Hitchhickers.

Our second role is Captain. To become a Captain, you need to fill out the form here,

Captains exist to grow the Mars Ecosystem Communities and bring our voice to more users. There is a reward system for the achievements of captains.

Our third role is Ranger. Rangers are people who take care of the technical part of the job. If you are confident in your computer science and coding knowledge, you can check out our github account here:

Our fourth role is Dr. marvin. Dr. Marvin is the leader of our community and one of the first visitors to Mars.

To get the first three roles, all you have to do is perform the specified ones. You don’t need to keep an extra XMS or USDM.

Jonah 🏅🎹: So I’m now a Hitchhiker😉

Tarios: I invite everyone here to be too 🙂

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: let’s talk about security. have you conducted any hackathons or smart contract audits😊

Jonah 🏅🎹: Very important one

Tarios: Yes, I was waiting for it!

Tarios: The Certik and Slowmist Audit Reports of Mars Ecosystem are already out, you can check the below link:



📣 Mars Ecosystem has just launched their bug bounty program on Immunefi, DeFi’s leading bug bounty platform !!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Zap those bugs and get bug bounty hunting, & you can earn yourself $60,000

🧑🏼‍🚀 As we promised, the user’s safety is the most important for us.

Lastly, we have applied for 2 security organization and waiting for feedback for more security!

As the Mars Ecosystem team, safety is one of the things we care about most. Especially in DeFi, you need to proceed confidently. The Mars Ecosystem team monitors every step it takes and provides the maximum security platform for users.

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Safety first 👌 thanks

Jonah 🏅🎹: I am aware that there is a CMC Airdrop can you tell us more about this airdrop is it still ongoing?

Tarios: Yes, of course.

Jonah 🏅🎹: So how many tokens are you giving out can you share the link with our members

Tarios: Our second Airdrop event with CMC was launched yesterday. Our purpose in making airdrops is to announce this innovative project to more audiences and to build a large community. To participate in the Airdrop, they can follow the steps in the link here. For a chance to win XMS, be sure to visit!

Jonah 🏅🎹: Thank you for sharing.. 👍

Jonah 🏅🎹: Ready for the last question for this part?

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: very generous😁🔥🔥🔥

Tarios: Yes, please!

Q6 From Telegram User   @Arisabela

You mention on your website that the incurred transaction fees generated at Mars Swap are used to back the stability or Mars Stablecoin, but you do not explain the process in much detail, you can talk more deeply about the functionality of your fees, how they are distributed and how they can be adjusted in time according to the needs of the project? How can users contribute idead on this regard?

Tarios: Fees collected from Mars Swap are currently not used in any way, but are accumulated. In the future, XMS buyback and burning will be carried out thanks to these fees. Our team will do its best to maximize the value of XMS. Also remember, as Mars Swap reaches more users, the amount of fee collected will increase and thus more XMS will be burned!! I know a lot of users are eager to burn, and although XMS’s supply is limited, the burn will happen, can you guess what’s going to happen! 🔥🔥🔥

Part 2 — live questions from the Telegram community

Q1 from Telegram User @saimom3

Can you explain, which one is your top priority? Security, Product, Partnership, or Token price?


In fact, each of them are important issues for us. Because a project is the whole of what you write. The team has made a deal with CertiK and Slowmist for security. Also, a Bug Bounty is currently in progress.

As for the product, they are constantly releasing new farms and pools. In addition, all preparations for the Genesis Launch continue at full speed.

In partnership, our marketing team is working non-stop, let me write you some of the latest partnerships. Venus Protocol, Berry Protocol, Moonlight, KingDeFi, ForTube, Helmet, KALA, and more!

All parts of the team continue to work non-stop! Stay with us.

Q2 from Telegram User @slla1112

Where can I buy your Mars Ecosystem token? What is the main role and usage of your token?


Our main liquidity is currently in Mars Swap. You can use the $XMS token here. Be sure to use BNB or BUSD at the time of purchase, currently we only have liquidity for these 2 tokens/coins. More will be added in the future. $XMS is the governance token of the Mars Ecosystem. The $XMS token will be used in the future Mars DAO. Also, $XMS has a support ratio for $USDM. Thus, it will be able to limit the minting amount of $USDM.

Q3 from Telegram User @DK177

Mars is the second smallest planet in the solar system. Why did you choose it as the name of your project? What is the relationship between your concept and Mars?


Astrophysicist Guillem Anglada Escudé once said “Space inspires mankind, promotes the integration of various disciplines, and promotes the reflection of the whole society on the earth.”The vision of going to Mars does not mean abandoning earth, but expanding our journey to include both planets. The exploration of the red planet may even help us better solve the earth’s energy crisis and protect life here.

“We may carry out extra-terrestrial mining and even introduce the development of a multi-planet economy. ” – ESA.

Logically, no company will carry gold coins or paper money to Mars, because this will greatly increase the extra weight of neccasary material delivered. In turn, this is a very inefficient way of transferring currency value.

Cryptocurrency will therefore become the best choice for interstellar exploration. Before humans set foot on Mars, begin to mine energy, and establish civilization, it may be possible to issue a currency that can be easily traded on Mars or even across planets.

Q4 from Telegram User @Kushal85127939

Please share the timeline of ongoing Development in Mars Ecosystem? When we can expect Mars will be fully Deployed upto its mark?


🌟On 14th-15th June, we successfully finished IMO and IDO on Mars Ecosystem & BakerySwap & to distribute our token to early supporters. Now users can trade on MarsSwap and XMS holders can stake their XMS at our Pools to earn BTC/ETH/BNB/CAKE: 

🌟On the 1st Sep., we launched successfully Mars Farms/Pools. Users can get higher profits in a long-term period. Beside XMS holders, Cake holders & PancakeSwap LP tokens holders can also earn XMS with high APR! And we will keep adding more pools/farms, so please stay tuned!

🌟Starting from the launch of Farms/Pools, we will cooperate with BSC’s major DeFi protocol such as DEX, lending protocols, leveraged mining protocols, etc.

🌟In October, Mars Ecosystem will launch our Stablecoin with a 🚀”Genesis Launch” event. Users can mint USDM and earn XMS rewards.

🌟Next, we will release more DeFi protocols through investment, incubation, and joint development to jointly empower Mars Ecosystem. In Q4 of 2021, we plan to release the yield aggregator module and develop our Launchpad platform at the same time.

🌟In Q1 of 2022, we plan to implement the function of stablecoins’ mintage on other public chains to expand our protocol.

🔥All the above plans will empower and add value to our governance token $XMS.

Q5 from Telegram User @Tehokjambe

What is your main focus in enlarging your community?


Because the community is the backbone of a DeFi project. The only tool that strengthens and sustains a project is the community. It is the community that uses this project, transmits it to other people. Also, the Mars Society is made up of really great people. And from time to time, we organize events for our community, don’t forget to join!

Q6 from Telegram User @Tahsinahmett

Mars Ecosystem, what are the important milestones you have reached in a short time like 3 months? Could you please explain?


First milestone: On 14th-15th June, we finished successfully IMO and IDO on Mars Ecosystem & BakerySwap & Helmet. ensure to distribute our token to early supporters. Now users can trade on MarsSwap and XMS holders can start to stake their XMS to earn at MarsSwap.

Second Milestone: On the 1st of Sep., we launched successfully Mars Farms/Pools. We designed a new economic mechanism for the farms/pools to make them more sustainable, and the APR is relatively high compared with some other well-known projects. In this way, users can get higher profits in a long-term period. Besides XMS holders, Cake holders & PancakeSwap LP tokens holders can also earn XMS with high APR! Our Farms/Pools will cooperate with many Defi protocols in the BSC ecosystem in the future.

Third Milestone: From the end of October to the beginning of November, Mars Ecosystem will launch our Stablecoin with a 🚀”Genesis Launch” event. And users can get a lot of rewards by minting our stablecoin USDM.

Q7 from Telegram User @KASG95

What are the specific LP tokens acceptable for farms / groups? and the MarsSwap LP tokens and PancakeSwap LP tokens are already acceptable on Mars farms to win?


Here are the LP tokens you can currently use on Mars Ecosystem’s farms:

XMS-BNB (Mars LP token)

CAKE-BNB (Pancakeswap LP Token)

BUSD-BNB (Pancakeswap LP Token)

USDT-BNB (Pancakeswap LP Token)

CAKE-BUSD (Pancakeswap LP Token)

CAKE-USDT (Pancakeswap LP Token)

BNB-ETH (Pancakeswap LP Token)

BTCB-BNB (Pancakeswap LP Token)

BTCB-BUSD (Pancakeswap LP Token)

BTCB-ETH (Pancakeswap LP Token)

HELMET-BNB (Mars LP Token)

FOR-BUSD (Mars LP Token)

More liquidity for Mars Swap will be added in the future. Don’t forget to stay with us to follow the news!

Q8 from Telegram User @Foridhasan43

Do you have any Telegram  channel, or Twitter for this project?

From where we can learn something?


Yes of course.

We have Telegram, Twitter, Medium, github, and Youtube pages.






Don’t forget to follow us!

Q9 from Telegram User @alice_wonderland12

Mars Stablecoin (USDM) is price stable, capital efficient, scalable and decentralized. It is an over-backed stablecoin: the redeemability of USDM is backed by the Mars Ecosystem Governance Token (XMS). If XMS is a volatile token, how can a stable coin be backed to it and yet be securely stable in its price? What happens with USDM if the price of XMS drops, as would be normal?


Yes, $XMS is a volatility token, but the XMS token is not the only mainstay of USDM. USDM is backed by all assets within the Mars Treasury. XMS only creates a support ratio for USDM. With this created support ratio, as the use of USDM increases, the value of XMS will necessarily increase. As a result, even though XMS is a volatility token, USDM is backed by whitelisted tokens & coins within the Mars Treasury.

Q10 from Telegram User @chiasoonsiong

A major issue encountered in DeFi is liquidity. Is there a way/solution to overcome this that you would like to share?


Yes, as you said, liquidity is a must for DeFi. Our team has implemented many new farms to add liquidity to Mars Swap. The farms it offers encourage users to add liquidity on Mars. Also, after the Genesis Launch, Mars Treasury will play a supporting role in Mars DeFi’s liquidity. Also, our team will continue to add new farms at full speed, stay with us!

Part 3 – Quiz Results

In the final part we tested your knowledge in terms of Mars Ecosystem. They’ve prepared 4 questions for this part. The total reward pool for quiz was 300$.

For more information and future AMAs, join our Social Media channels:
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