AMA Satoshi Club x dFund, April 28th

We were delighted to welcome our guest from dFund. The AMA took place on April 16th, 2021 and our guest was @SavoRPC .

The total reward pool was 500$ and was divided into three parts. In this AMA Recap we will try to summarize some of the most interesting points for you.

Part 1 — introduction and questions from the Telegram&Bitcointalk community

Маry Satoshi CLUB: Hello Satoshi Club! We are happy to announce our AMA session with dFund! Welcome to Satoshi Club😀

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Hello, dear community! Today our guest is Savo Vukcevic, CEO of dFund, @SavoRPC!

Savo RPC: Hey everyone, nice to be here!

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Hello and welcome to Satoshi Club, Savo Vukcevic!

Маry Satoshi CLUB: Welcome here 👍 how are you today?

Savo RPC: I’m fine thanks, hope you are enjoying your day too

Маry Satoshi CLUB: Sure and also we are excited to know more about dFund😃 So, let’s start 🚀

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: We are are looking forward to upcoming AMA!

Savo RPC: Let’s go! 💯🐃

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Introduce youreself. How did you get to be involved in crypto & dFund?

Savo RPC: My name is Savo Vukcevic, The CEO of dFund. I come from the legacy finance world mostly and I am a hedge fund manager in real life, the youngest hedge fund manager of all time actually. dFund is an all encompassing DeFi platform which I imagine as the bridge between the legacy finance world and crypto, and in order to accomplish that you need people who are experienced in both. For example, I am a hedge fund manager and advised some of the biggest investment banks in the world but I also worked for some of the biggest crypto projects ranging from privacy coins to stablecoins, including EURS, the largest euro backed stablecoin in the world, which also literally wrote the crypto laws and regulations for Malta, France, Germany and the EU basically. Our Co-Founders, Greg and Rohan, also have diverse experience, Greg has previously worked for Consensys (Ethereum’s company), Duality Blockchain solutions, bug also in fraud detection systems for e-commerce, while Rohan has experience working for Deloitte, the largest accounting and consulting firm in the world, but also masternode projects and privacy coins. So you see all of us have experience that goes beyond just crypto and legacy. I am very confident that what we are building is by far the most advanced and all-encompassing DeFi platform in the world, and I always tell everyone who inquires about the presale: if you can name 1 objectively better DeFi project that is building something better and more all-encompassing than what we are building, I will just airdrop you any allocation you want. But I will talk more about our features later.


Маry Satoshi CLUB: Ahaha, i think some our guys already  interesting in your airdrop 😂

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Also we would like to know about your team. Who is on the project team?

Маry Satoshi CLUB: Incredible experience! When did you realise that crypto has potential?

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Excellent background 🚀🚀🚀

Savo RPC: I first bout some Bitcoins in 2013 with some savings and allowance from my parents 😂 but I started getting actively involved with crypto in 2017 when I realized it solves many shortcomings of legacy finance including full transparency, immutability and trustlessness, also I believe freedom is impossible with financial freedom, and financial freedom is impossible without privacy, so you need not only sound money but also money that is not that easy to track. But I don’t believe crypto should replace legacy finance, or that legacy finance should replace crypto, I think the 2 can coexist and make each other better because one can offer things that the other can’t, and each one has its pros and cons and advantages and disadvantages


Маry Satoshi CLUB: You are my ally, especially in the questions of privacy😃

Savo RPC: Haha nice to know

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Savo! So get to know us with your team though please.😉

Savo RPC: Well as I said in the first answer, Our Co-Founders, Greg Betz and Rohan Jethi, also have diverse experience, Greg has previously worked for Consensys (Ethereum’s company), Duality Blockchain solutions, bug also in fraud detection systems for e-commerce, while Rohan has experience working for Deloitte, the largest accounting and consulting firm in the world, but also masternode projects and privacy coins. So you see all of us have experience that goes beyond just crypto and legacy. Apart from them each one of us is supported by a small team so we have around 15 people on the team total, including web developers, disagners, blockchain devs, marketing and biz dev people, and so on. And stuff you need like legal and operations


Маry Satoshi CLUB: Big team! You can reach a lot and you will with them👍 Thank you for your intro, Savo!

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Thank you very much for your answers! it was a great intro! We’ve got some community questions for you! Ready to proceed? 😊

Savo RPC: Can’t wait to hear the questions from your community, let’s go!

Q1 from Telegram User @yellowchamp

The DFund legendary IDO will take place on TrustSwap this Friday, on the 30th of April 2021. Why this IDO called legendary? What makes it different from other other IDOs? Why did you choose Trustwap rather than other existing IDO platform? What edge and potential did you outlook with Trustwap towards the outcome of DFund IDO? Can anyone still participate this IDO since it is fast approaching already? Is there any whitelisting process for this IDO? Can you tell more info about this legendary IDO of your platform? Thank you

Маry Satoshi CLUB: Let’s start with IDO🎉

Savo RPC: Everything I do is legendary 😂 Because there isn’t another project like dFund. I used to tell everyone who inquired about the presale – if you can name one other project that is building more of an all encompassing platform and objectively a better DeFi project, I will just airdrop you any allocation you want. That’s how confident I am. We have absolutely no competition. Most of the things we are building doesn’t exist yet, and some of it that does exist is scattered across 5 different projects and we are putting all of it into 1 single easy to use user-friendly platform. We literally have no competition. Also trust me, after you see the partnerships we are going to announce after listing, you will see why it’s legendary.

Savo RPC: Done

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: I like your application for success😁 It’s legendary!

Savo RPC: Hahaha thanks

Маry Satoshi CLUB: Will you have IDO only on TrustSwap? Now projects are using to launch their IDOs on several platforms to give more chances for participants😃

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Who can be whitelisted?

Savo RPC: We considered a couple of options, but through communication with TrustSwap they turned out to be the most community-oriented and very professional. Some other major IDO platforms literally said they would want us to dump on our users and have a lower market cap, but we are a community-oriented project, so we will only do what is in the best interest of our community so we chose TrustSwap. Everyone who stakes enough TrustSwap tokens and is not from the US can participate. We will publish an article with detailed instructions how to participate today. Allocation is guaranteed for those who fulfill the requirements.

Savo RPC: Done

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Since it is already very soon, do not forget to share with Satoshi Clubbers please 🚀

Savo RPC: Ofc! We will share it here!

Маry Satoshi CLUB: Interesting facts🧐 and of course i am sure your community members will appreciate how you care about them😃 Thank you for your answers, Savo! Ready to go to the next question?

Savo RPC: Yup, let’s hear it

Q2 from Telegram User @andrey_seleznov

Hi dFund!

Launching on Polkadot do you require to win a Parachain auction? While Polka is getting up to speed I read you are planning to add support for other blockchains and partnerships with other projects. Can you tell us more about these plans? What chains and projects do you have your eye on?

Savo RPC: Yes, we will be bidding for a parachain slot, and we are confident we have good chances due to the amount we raised we have considerable funds to bid with, but even if we don’t win we can operate as a parathread and you get the same functionality. Regarding other chains we will be on ERC20 until Polkadot rolls out parachains and then we will switch to Polkadot. Regarding partnerships with other projects and additional chains, we will be announcing that after listing so I would suggest you stay tuned to our Telegram and Twitter to be the first to find out!


Маry Satoshi CLUB: When do you plan to launch your platform?

Savo RPC: In Q2 we plan to have a closed beta for a limited amount of users and we will give our token holders invite codes to test out the beta. We can build a full platform now on Ethereum, nut we are advertising as a Polkadot project so it would not make much sense to have a full open public launch now on Ethereum and then have to swapp all locked up tokens in smart contracts to Polkadot once Polkadot rolls our parachains, so in Q2 we will have a beta on Ethereum until Polkadot rolls our parachains, and as soon as parachains / parathreads are available, we will have a full public launch.

Маry Satoshi CLUB: Very clear answers! We will wait for news from you! Thank you! Ready to proceed?😃

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: As we can see, you thought of everything perfectly.👏👏👏

Savo RPC: Yup, let’s go

Q3 from Telegram User @meml97    

It has come to my attention that on dFund you have several Subscription Plans, can you tell us more about them? What are these Subscription Plans and for what are they needed to? Who can get any of this plans and what benefits will this bring to people? Do yo offer any kind of exclusive service/feature depending on the plan? Also, are they strictly necesary if we want to use dFund services?

Savo RPC: Oh that’s just a misunderstanding, I’m from legacy finance so I use the term subscription instead of “allocation”, “raise amount” or “buy in”, so basically subscription = allocation, it refers to the presale, so for example 100k subscription = 100k allocation


Маry Satoshi CLUB: What benefits will bring your tokens to holders? And what ticker will you have?😃

Savo RPC: DFND token is the most important part of our ecosystem. Regarding the use case of tokens, they are instrumental to the platform, so in a way it is both a currency and a utility token, users will need to lock up DFND tokens if they want to start a decentralized hedge fund, borrowers will need to deposit DFND tokens as collateral for loans, lenders can require borrowers to pay interest in DFND tokens, decentralized hedge funds can choose to pay out profits in DFND tokens, and only users who have DFND tokens will be able to vote in DAO and governance models, also you will need them for trading on the secondary marketplace. This is both a use case and a bull case, as this ensures a large percentage of tokens is locked up, creating scarcity and therefore putting positive / upwards pressure on the tokens price. So don’t worry it’s not like a token that’s only issued to raise capital and then it has no use case except to dump it or trade it on exchanges for speculation, you can ofc also do that if you want, but it also has an actual use case as you need DFND tokens in order to do pretty much anything on the platform :)Ticker is DFND so cashtag is $DFND


Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: thanks for the perfect answers! ready for the next question? 😉

Savo RPC: Yup, ready

Q4 fromTelegram User @cryptofollower

When I check your partnerships on your twitter account, I see that dFund has already have partnerships with A195 Capital, GD10V, Exnetwork. Could you please tell us the motivations with partnering them? Also could you please share the investments of these partners into the project? And what are the upcoming plans for the future with your partners?

Savo RPC: Well we resonate with them on many levels and they understand our vision and our community-centric approach. As I discussed earlier, we care about privacy so I am not going to reveal the specific amounts they invested but all of them invested a 6 digit amount. Future partnerships will be revealed after listing.


Маry Satoshi CLUB: Will their tokens be locked?

Savo RPC: Yes. Vesting for the presale tokens is:

Round 1: 15% per month

Round 2: 20% per month

Round 3: 25% per month.

Team tokens are unlocked at 20% per year so no one can dump on traders immediately. We are all about protecting our community.


Маry Satoshi CLUB: That’s clear! Thanks! Ready to jump to the next question?😉

Savo RPC: Ready!

Q5 from Telegram User @Korryl

On your site you claim to build feature that has never seen before in the DeFi world which one allow user to start their own hedge fund, since this is the 1st time in DeFi world, can you explain how does this feature work? Do you have any tutorial or step by step so can make easier people to use it?

Savo RPC: Of course, when we launch the platform we will publish detailed tutorials. The features are completely run by smart contracts so there is no possibility of scams or pyramid schemes Do you want me to explain in detail what the features are?

Маry Satoshi CLUB: Yes, this will be great!

Savo RPC: We are trying to build something the world of DeFi has never seen before. I think we are one of the most ambitious projects out there. We are building an all encompassing platform, where any user can start their own hedge fund or invest in one. These hedge funds will be ranked by their performance and they are organized as DAO modules where you can set all terms and conditions such as success fees without any coding knowledge. There will also be a loans feature on the platform where anyone can borrow and lend money. Unlike Aave, where the protocol lends money and you just make a deposit, what we are building is true decentralization where you as a user directly lend money and set all terms and conditions for your loan, such as the interest rate and collateral requirement, which doesn’t even need to be 100% and it can be higher or lower than that, up to your wishes. Every borrower on the platform will have a credit rating, so if you never got liquidated and you always pay the interest in time etc then you will have something like a AAA+ credit rating which comes with incentives such as lower interest rates and lower collateral requirements. When you lend money, you can set the minimum credit rating required to take a loan. There will also be a secondary marketplace for synthetic assets were users will be able to sell their loans, kind of like the crypto version of the bond market. You can sell your loan and thereby delegate the waiting time and risk to the buyer while making a safe exit. As you can see, most of these things don’t exist yet in crypto, and those that do are scattered across 10 different projects, we are putting it all into a single all encompassing DeFi platform.


Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: it really sounds like revolutionary ideas! 🚀

Маry Satoshi CLUB: That’s true! Can’t wait when we will be able to try your platform! Thank you for your answers! Ready for the 6th and last question from this part?😉

Savo RPC: Wew, time flew by so fast! Ready!

Q6 from Telegram User @Indomiekuy

As I know that every project need the power of community to grow and spread fast. So what are Dfund strategy to build strong and solid community? Do you have special event or incentives for community for example like bounty program or maybe airdrop?

Savo RPC: We plan to have a strong community campaign including meme contests, and a global ambassador program for localized communities and events, and of course we have a dedicated budget for bounties for bug reports but also we will start bounty campaigns for articles, youtube videos, etc. And since you mentioned airdrops / giveaways, I’d like to make a special announcement here.

Маry Satoshi CLUB: Sure!!!!

Savo RPC: As I said, everything I do is legendary 😂 looking forward to gifting one lucky participant in our IDO with a Tesla! ❤️🐃

Маry Satoshi CLUB: I think it will be even more crowded IDO than you expected 😂

Savo RPC: We look forward to having everybody onboard lol

Маry Satoshi CLUB: Of course 😃 And i can suggest that we will have Legendary live part today, right?😃

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: We should try our luck🙏🤞

Part 2 — live questions from the Telegram community

Q1 from Telegram User @V1ct0r_26

⚠️ I read that dFunds will be rated and ranked by their performance, so the decentralized hedge funds with the highest returns will be the most visible ones on the website and dApp of the platform. With this in mind, can you explain us this ranking system a little bit more? On what performance’s parameters will they be judged and based on what will they be rate? Also, who can give them this ranks and how? Do you have any ranking system like 1-5 stars or something like that?

Savo RPC: Decentralized hedge funds on the platform will be rated based on roi / profit. So the most profitable hedge funds will have more visibility on the platform and be ranked higher up. But for borrowers there will be a credit rating like 1-5 stars or from F to A+++ based on if they always repaid the loan in time and never got liquidated / defaulted.

Q2 from Telegram User @Wormz28

✅  Asking straightforwardly, how can we believe of you being 100% honest and transparent?

Savo RPC: I, and everyone else on the team, stand behind this with our full real life identities. We all have linkedin’s and all come from serious real life industries. If we lied or tried to default anyone we would risk going to jail or ruining our whole career and reputation. There are no anon devs or anything like that. We stand behind this fully, so we have a legal responsibility to deliver.

Q3 from Telegram User @Eminet001

When we talk of priority, which do you consider most crucial





Savo RPC: Community, because all of the other things you listed follow and come on their own when you have a strong community. When everyone is using your platforms you will get more partnerships because everyone knows about you and everyone wants to be associated with you. If you have a huge community and everyone is buying your token then value will probably increase, and you will be able to afford better security or some members of your community will have the expertise and knowledge to help with security, so community is the most important aspect because it makes everything else possible.

Q4 from Telegram User @mixer40

😄😄😄 What’s your favorite cryptocurrency meme?

Savo RPC:

If you know you know.

Q5 from Telegram User @vedamatrix

In order to participate to the IDO of dFund do I have to hold TrustSwap tokens?

Savo RPC: Yes, today we will publish the detailed tutorial how to participate in the IDO

Q6 from Telegram User @meml97

🧨     I read on your whitepaper that on your platform “investors can invest/pool money into these dFunds, which would be managed by dFund’s manager”. So, can you tell us more about this managers? Are they a single person or a group of people like a mini-governance for each dFunds. Also, I read that users can decide on who act as a manager, but how can they do that exactly? And what benefits do users get when they take the role of managers?

Savo RPC: Each decentralized hedge fund is simultaneously a DAO module, so if 5 people are forming the hedge fund they vote who will be the manager of that hedge fund, if only 1 person for example you is forming the hedge fund, then you will be the manager, the incentive of being a hedge fund manager on the platform will be the fact you will be able to charge performance fees from investors (for example 20% of profits the hedge fund makes)

Q7 from Telegram User @anh1973

When presale? How does I join ?

Savo RPC: Presale is full and sold out. You can join us in IDO! We are looking forward to having you

Q8 from Telegram User @Josuchams

What advertising strategies do you employ to promote dFund successfully?

Savo RPC: We want to have a holistic and multi-dimensional approach to marketing. We will combine traditional marketing and have some of the world’s largest publications write articles about us, we are literally talking about the level of CNN, but I can’t reveal specific names for now but you see what tier we are talking about. But also we will have decentralized guerilla marketing including meme contests, bounties, giveaways, ambassador program, AMA’s, etc.

Q9 from Telegram User @cindy_crypto

How can I buy your tokens if I can’t win the whitelist?

Savo RPC: We will list on Uniswap and centralized exchanges after IDO so you can buy there after IDO

Q10 from Telegram User @Robotliker1

In order to participate on IDO is kyc needed and how can I be lucky to win Tesla and what methods are adopted to choose lucky winners.does your project really have such big budget for giveaway? How can we trust you?

Savo RPC: KYC will be needed. Bro we raised 3.62 million dollars in the presale we can afford a Tesla lol. But the Tesla will be given by me personally not from the team funds. So don’t worry.

Part 3 – Quiz Results

In the final part we tested your knowledge in terms of dFund. They’ve prepared 4 questions for this part. The total reward pool for quiz was 300$.

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