Activity Rewards. Best practices and eligibility rules.

What kind of messages will be considered good and taken into consideration?

The reason for giving activity rewards is to encourage members of our community to have meaningful and real conversations on our Telegram group @satoshi_club .

That being said, we will not consider the numbers of messages when we will choose the winners of each 10 day’s period.

Super general messages, as well as messages that does not help the community will not be counted. You are welcome to use them of course, but they will not be counted for this contest. Some examples of messages, that will not be taken into consideration are:

  • hi
  • how are you
  • thank you sir
  • well, you get the idea

On the other hand, good examples are messagest that encourage conversation. This messages includes:

  • Questions.
  • answers to other user’s questions and be helpful
  • share interesting ideas about crypto
  • talk about trading, blockchain technologies and news
  • in general, everything that is not posted just to count. Quality messages

Of course we don’t say you shouldn’t greet people or write short messages. We are just saying that trying to send a lot of messages without meaning will not help you get the activity rewards.

Check Round 1 event on Telegram

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